Buffalo Bills: Star players jerseys usa

Looking forward to breaking the 18 year record of embarrassment

Today, 32 days, the 32 team will enter the final section of the United States Eastern League, facing the alliance, the overlord, the Patriots and dolphins, jet three strong enemy, we first see “Buffalo” buffalo, Bill’s “survival.””

Changes in personnel: Trading and draft, coaches and management

The buffalo Bill team since 1999 has never made the playoffs last season, before the end of the boss’s anger was himself, direct fired coach Rex ryan. In addition, the Bill team’s management and changed the times, general manager Doug Wiley as the new head coach Sean and Mcdermott will not be swept out of the new general manager Brandon Bean, who worked with Mcdermott over a period of time in the Panthers, he witnessed the growth of Mcdermott as a good defensive coaching. In addition the team hired a new offensive and defensive team coach Rick Denison group coach Leslie – Fraser, Bob – Babic and Juan and Castillo in the other team has served the coach, almost cleared all the cronies – Ryan Rex.

In the free market, Bill’s biggest deal this summer was with the ram and the eagles. With still sick in the body of Sami Watkins for the rams cornerback Gaines E.J. next year the second round draft pick, with cornerback Ronald Darby for Eagles wide receiver Jordan Mathews added the third ball right next year, although the strength decreased slightly but holding a number of election show Bill signed a bright future. In addition to the early renewal of the main four team quarterback Rhodes Thailand – Taylor, signed amkhan – and Andrea – Holmes bouldin continue to enrich their catch weapons. The team in the safety position of reinforcement, heavily signed the Jordan – Hyde and Micah pojer will become the last line of defense team for the new season.

The draft, in order to make up for cornerback Stephen Gilmore, defected to the Patriots team to bring the loss, the team first round selection of special radar Weiesi White as a replacement, after the two or three round of the Bill team’s continuous upward transactions have been outside the Karzai – Jones and Duhem took over Dawkins, nfl jerseys from usa see here, Detel – Taylor you can laugh for a while, but the fifth round selected University of Pittsburgh quarterback Nathan Pittman, as the team’s future backup quarterback training, Taylor never let down.

Star players

There is no denying that this four years quarterback ty Rhodes Taylor has played the cheap jerseys usa highest level of occupation career, but compared to run Weile Sean – Mccoy, I think the former is slightly inferior. Mccoy has a nickname called “shady”, meaning you can only run up to capture his shadow, he played for the Hawks for 6 years is still rushing Mawang in team history. Last season, Mccoy scored 1267 yards and 13 touchdowns, all reached 5.41 yards at peak state. He rushed the ball very ornamental, seemingly clumsy he can use the pace of light flash turn maneuvers on the defensive opponent between the players, even the clothes are not touching, high mobile attributes of this guy, it is worth noting that he each season can be a lot of breakthrough grapple.

Attack team

Buffalo is in charge of a team of the new coach Rick Denison in the last ten years to Gary Kubiak along the way, he will be the set of regional Kubiak cover system transplanted to the Bill team to punch the ball. The team’s offensive attack compared with last year will not change too much, Jordan – Mills, Ricci – Glen Todd Berlusconi and Eric Wood for tow years partner has produced a tacit understanding, they will become an important guarantee for the team to cover the road.

Last year, Buffalo road to punch the ball number among second in the league, the team was on Le Sean Mccoy stable to punch the ball after the bench running back next patriot dug, the team did not choose the reinforcement, the choice of trust Qiaonahan – Williams rookie last year, he will serve as the team’s No. two running back, we just took office above mentioned the offensive team coach will build a regional cover to punch the ball system, so he signed two full guard Mike Tolbert and Patrick Dimareo in the free market. Dimareo Kell – after two years of training Shanahan has become one of the best combination of full health alliance, and Tolbert himself was running back and back, he will be three stop running back and running back may have the effect of red.