Spurs sell forward Kaine NFL jerseys overpriced fans do not buy it.

Although the Mexican Bowl had to be moved to Los Angeles for venue reasons, NFL’s exploration of overseas markets has never stopped, and their years of investment in the London Bowl seems to have paid off a little, after NFL President Roger Goodall talked about the topic of holding regular season in the UK at a press conference. In fact, the sport is gaining more and more popularity, including some top players of the team. On Friday, Tottenham Hotspur released an NFL jersey for ACE striker Harry Kane, which is believed to be a further move by club chairman Daniel Levy towards the NFL.

In this jersey, Spurs put their team logo on their shoulders, and each has a huge “10” on their chest and back, which is Kane’s Jersey number. In addition, the Hotspur also printed their slogan “To Dare Is To Do” inside the collar.

Spurs’partnership with the NFL is more than just a jersey. Their new stadium will host two regular NFL matches each year. Harry Cain is a big fan of the New England Patriots and Tom Brady, and even his dog is named after the superstar quarterback. When Brady’s career pass number exceeded 500, Kaine also promoted call for his idol. In this year’s Spurs pre-season game, Kane also traveled to the United States with the team; he personally went to watch the Seattle Seahawks team training, in an interview, he even said that if he retired from the British football game, he would like to become an NFL player. Although this sounds absurd, Kaine’s superb shooting skill seems reasonable.

Spurs attached a purchase link to the jerseys when they launched Twitter, but when fans rushed to open it, they found that the price of the jerseys read: 95! No mistake, real gold and 95 pounds! Suddenly, this twitter’s comment area was captured by tidal fans.

“Well, the jerseys are good, but should the price be cheaper than the small 100? It seems that our chairman does not understand the fans at all. We do not raise 6 million pounds as you do.

95 pounds to buy this thing? I can do it myself. ”

Of course, many fans express their views simply and directly: “why???” Why are there so many fans Tucao? buy nfl jerseys We know about it by comparison. Let’s convert it into RMB. Kane’s Jersey is more like a commemorative T-jerseys for British fans; 95 pounds is 846 yuan, while an official NFL T-jerseys sold in the official mall sells for about 250-350 yuan. Even a genuine Jersey costs only about 650 yuan in the official mall, which means that Harry Cain’s so-called NFL Jersey has a price tag of about 200 yuan more than his idol Tom Brady’s genuine jersey. Even if not compared with the NFL jersey, Spurs’official price for their Jersey this season is only about 760 yuan. How can such a price not be subjected to a strong Tucao?