The ram trade ins Jaguar rush Fowler

The NFL’s only unbeaten division, the Rams, is already one of the league’s strongest teams, but the strongest goal is always to be stronger. A record 8-0 will not stop them from making up the list.

According to ESPN correspondent Adam Schefter, the ram trade was won by Jaguar Spreader, defensive winner Dante Fowler Jr nfl jerseys.

The American tiger will receive three rounds of 2019 rams and five rounds in 2020.

Fowler is 24 years old and has completed 14 hits in the 2.5 season. He was arrested for being banned in 2017 and was absent from the opening of the Jaguar. The training camp was also banned from playing a pre-season game. Although there are many off-court problems, but Fowler’s ability to pass on the court is undoubted, although this season only completed two capture, but according to Pro Football Focus statistics, Fowler’s ability to put pressure, 15 times forced the other quarterback to rush.

Raven deal gets packer runner Montgomerie

In Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams jerseys, Ty Montgomery “lost his temper” on the sideline, then deliberately disobeyed the coach’s instructions to take the kick-off and kneel back to attack, resulting in a drop of the ball, leaving the wrapper with no chance of winning.

According to NFL Network correspondent Ian Rapoport, packers will deliver Montgomery to crows for a 2020 seven-round signature.

For Montgomerie’s self imposed act, many packers expressed their disappointment and disappointment. Montgomerie said he would not violate orders, nor was he like that.

Montgomerie’s position is very vague. He is neither the first runner nor the first runner. He is currently 105 yards, fourth in the team, behind Aaron Jones (Jamaal Williams) and the starting quarterback. Catching 170 yards ranked sixth in the team, but the injuries in the position of the outside receiver of the packer also affected the team to some extent. Montgomerie is now the best kickback player in the team. It is even more wrong to make such a mistake.