Toni Romo suddenly announced his retirement

Toni Romo suddenly announced his retirement


He suddenly retired, cowboy can cheap nike nfl jerseys only officially cut him, and like all retired players, Romo retired directly for the Cowboys this season save $14 million, $8 million next season vacated space, but the Cowboys will take $19 million 600 thousand of the money in 2017. Therefore, this is also a cowboy to solve the problems they want to solve. But suddenly retired to Dezhou people by these teams lack the quarterback with pain, especially in Dezhou, then go to their Oswald Wheeler Romo anticipation, but now they can only focus on the free market a disaster type in quarterback.

Not surprisingly, he will replace the former NFL quarterback Phil Simms position as chief commentator CBS, he will play alongside another commentator Jim Nan CI in the future. The Romo cowboy career can be said among the best players in team history by the cowboy series, he graduates from the best East University of Illinois 2003 languished is unsuccessful, the Dallas cowboys to he held out an olive branch. In Dallas three years of substitute, Romo to the extreme precipitation, by chance after the harvest stage, he has since become a star, in 2007 he passes 4211 yards 36 touchdowns. Breaking the record in team history, then the 2009 season with 4483 yards record after 4903 yards to once again break the record in team history, 2014 led to make history in the playoffs, but he helped the ball turnovers ruined everything. Two seasons later he fell into the infinite injury, only 5 games played, after careful consideration of Luo Mo to the television industry, the 14 year of his 34183 yards passing 248 touchdowns ranked first in team history, there are countless records. And now he said goodbye, “Captain America” legend has finally come to an end.

Recently, the poor state of the New York rangers to Washington, the capital of the first Challenge League, ranking just by virtue of the maple leafs victory locked the first regular season the day before the latter, so the possibility of the game the team over the main holiday is not low, and the Rangers are the desire to use a key victory. To boost the morale of the team, let them in the playoff first leg when faced with the Montreal Canadiens to establish confidence. Will be in Beijing on April 6th at 8:00 am for you live video this cheap authentic jerseys powerful dialogue, please pay attention.

The Rangers in the past 10 games only scored 3 game playoff victory, nearly, this state of the team is very bad, in front of the attack, the team’s recent performance is acceptable, mats zuccarello – the past 7 games and scored 1 goals from 7 assists, partner Derek – Manchester Pang 3 goals 3 assists, while another left-wing Chris Clyde preferred 2 goals and 1 assists, is active in the two groups show their striker behind Mika Ze bin Nejad led him, in the past 7 games with 2 goals and 4 assists, partner Rick Nash scored 5 goals, while J.T. Miller has 2 goals 2 assists, although the team has played in three or four groups as before, but the strong performance of the two groups before the striker or can support the offensive team.

And his friend Jerry Jones finally gave him a gift, a cowboy cut would not return by Romo, this cowboy previously paid him $5 million for team bonuses, Jerry – Jones Romo in career absolute good teachers and helpful friends this is the last Jones, can help him a favor.

From an undrafted to cowboy legend, by experience is also a left us inspirational story, although there cheap jerseys china is no champion, although there will be a wonderful mistake, but we cannot deny the great day after Romo, at least on TV in his voice will let fans feel gratified, cowboy. Goodbye, romo!

Backcourt, Captain Ryan Mike Tangnayin injury missed the last two games, the game he is likely to return in a few games he missed, two young team to Shea Brady scored in 7 games 1 goals out of 5 assists, Nick Holden scored 1 goals out of 2 assists the injury of veteran Dan Girardi in 4 games out of 3 assists, their performance has supported the team’s offensive and defensive series, but in the defensive end, the team’s performance is still not good, attack them with case leading rate was only 47.64%, ranked sixth worst in the NBA. This makes the team’s playoff prospects are not optimistic about the.