This Sunday, the upcoming Panther game, but the security situation of the United States where the Carolina Panthers are not stable.

Since Lamont Scott Keith was shot dead in a conflict with the police on Tuesday, the security of the entire North California district has been a problem, and people have started a lot of demonstrations and demonstrations.

Now the NFL alliance and Panther management group may make a decision team for Sunday’s game will move out of the area.

Sunday’s game is the Minnesota Vikings Panthers home court to meet the challenge, because this is another American police shootings related events this week’s game, we may see a lot of protest rose and sang the National Anthem player.

NFL Jerseys China Online called on all parties to remain calm, not to intensify the development of the situation. Also urged the FBI as soon as possible to give people an account of the matter!

Sports and games are sacred and inviolable, because we don’t clash with police and the impact of sports spirit, this is the United States government should learn China!