After helping the Cavaliers won the championship in the history of NBA, JR- Smith’s contract stalled again, the salary cap rose under the environment of JR to Cleveland for $15 million a year, and the Cavaliers of the psychological price is still 10 million in 1 years, and has been reluctant to increase.

For this impasse, the consensus is that the JR will eventually stay in Cleveland, last season he won the knight contributed, but his personal relationship with Lebron is very good, two people also share the same agent. JR the beginning of the JR is not in a hurry, but now the season has begun NBA season, some of the heavy.

Not long ago, some netizens posting on twitter @ JR, and he quipped: “dude, come to Cleveland Brown team.”

Cleveland Brown is a football team in the NFL, but JR but then forwarded this tweet, and responded: “I am seriously considering the idea!”

Obviously, JR such a response can be seen as a more fun, but this position is definitely worth the knight’s high-level attention, JR has been somewhat impatient.

The “official push bleachers” website, keep a watch is not afraid of the big thing mentality, they immediately follow up the release of a JR team in Brown P, and Brown’s tone with the text: “we finally got you, @JR.”

JR- Smith, 31 years old, he last season for the Knights of the 77 regular season, and all the first appearance, averaging 12.4 points, shooting 42%. In the playoffs, he hit the ball hit rate of three but raised to 44%.

The selection of JR season offseason with a player option out of the contract, up $6 million 400 thousand a year, but let him think he is in the free agent market will only get No one shows any interest in, $5 million to return to the knights. Of course, this year the situation has changed, JR who has taken the title hero aura, do not know whether this will help him get.