NHL regular season

Sports news -2016-17 NHL wholesale jerseys regular season continues in the League ranked first in Washington who sits against the home court, the Metropolitan District third Columbo blue team challenge, although the results of the Bob Lovskey made 44 saves amazing, helped drag the game into the Azzurri team a penalty shootout, but he still can not stop the penalty Wang T.J.. O’Shea’s goal, the Azzurri team eventually defeated 1:2, missed the chance points tied the capital.
In this game, both sides sent a goalkeeper, currently ranked first in the League of the data – Bob Lovskey Sergei – Holt Braden challenges people in the capital ratio. The day before the opening, in the home court by the Toronto Maple Leafs plunged the blue team in a passive on the scene, both sides shot positive than once 3:7, people in the capital occupied the initiative, including their four group with strong body collision grabbed the initiative, which contributed 4 shots. But tenacious defensive blue team did not give too much capital scoring opportunities, shoot number, sixth minutes from the start they are quickly catching up with people in the capital. However, the home of the capital to rely on the physical strength of the people began to fight back, the team’s one or two consecutive shock Bob Lovskey guarded the door.

In section second, the capital team has an obvious positive initiative, single shot 16:6 to occupy the absolute initiative, the threat of a group of team Baxter Jerome Ovici Kim O’Shea of blue team combined continuous gate, but this season the best goalkeeper of the largest candidate Bob Lovskey’s heroics, clean sheets. The blue team also frequently use to counter the threat of people in the capital gate, sixth minutes, the blue team won the golden opportunity, Brandon Du Pinsky from the right side of close shot by Holt than the other side of the ball – the original, unmarked Boone Genesee rod under him, but Holt Billy with the door rod tip line of rapid lateral displacement with the right leg, plate will tip the ball out, the Azzurri missed the best chance to score. The final two finishes, the two sides still cannot find the opponent goalkeeper to shoot the positive aspects, people in the capital to lead 31:17.

At the beginning of the third quarter in just 41 seconds, the blue team broke the deadlock in the game, brave Dubinsky and Jana formed the melee in front of the door, the latter shot by Holt courageously saved, Dubinsky follow the small angle volley hit the goal right post, but the rebound out to follow back Seth Jones rod he shot the ball directly, swing, ground Holt to-o late second, only watched the ball into the net, 1:0 blue team lead, this is Jones this season to get fortieth points, he and his partner Zach Willens two defender this season has scored 40 points, this is nfl jerseys wholesale the first time in the history of a blue team two guards to Indiana Pacers Jersey complete this achievement in the same season.
Sixth minutes and 39 seconds, the capital finally Bob Lovskey broke the ten mark, veteran Justin – Williams left the blue line in the vicinity of instigated offensive he withstood opponents after the collision the ball in the end plate at the partner Marcus Johansen, who observed the Azzurri defender Williams because of the collision can not block the passing lane, he returns to the follow up the defender Dimitri Orlov, the latter in the case of unmarked heavy Leipzig ball dart top left corner, 1:1.

Since people in the capital still occupy the field active, but the blue team under the surface calm, both sides took a 1:1 lead into overtime. Overtime, blue team head Kan Atkinson and captain forino Nick Holt than the continuous impact of the gate, the latter has withstood the impact of the blue team, drag the game into a penalty shootout. The capital of 65 minutes out of the 45 shots, creating a new high season. In the shootout, with the first round of the O’Shea goal, people in the capital to beat the blue 2:1, the end of the opponent wins at the same time cheap jerseys continues to dominate the league.