Carolina Panthers quarterback wears nfl fashion.

If you want to ask who is the most fashionable player in NFL, I think that Kam Newton must be the best. Both before and after the game, we can see Cam Newton wearing an absolutely different shirt, and a bright colored suit and an eye-catching hat is the quarterback’s dress standard. Newton, one of the most famous athletes in the United States, has long been an idol of countless people, and his brilliant clothes make him a fashion leader. We often see Newton on the cover of many fashion magazines, so the quarterback’s fashion style has become imitated by others. The object of learning. And Nick Cohill, the Charlotte weather host from Fox 46, is the biggest Cam-Newtonian fan, often mimicking Newton’s clothes on his social media and weather shows.

Despite Cam Newton’s endorsement of luxury fashion brands, every hat and suit he wears is customized Cam Newton jerseys to preserve his image, and a well-known artisan from the apparel industry can call him a man of his heart. In Newton’s wardrobe, each hat is only matched with a suit, which will never be repeated. So as a weather station host, Nick Cohill loved to imitate Newton’s style, but he could not exactly copy Newton’s clothes, so Cohill imitated Newton’s clothes are basically customized. In addition, imitation addiction also keen to reference NBA superstar LeBron James dress, James today’s most stylish men’s suit image, is often reproduced in Cohill’s social media.

Weather anchors frequently imitate Gan as fans.

Cohill’s long-standing appearance on television in Cam Newton’s style has made him a “dotcom” character. He always puts out imitative photos on his social media, from hats to shoes, and in order to imitate Cam Newton, Cohill really grasps every detail and is a real fan.

Cam Newton himself had heard of the weather anchor’s behavior, and Newton was very open-minded about it: “He’s my’everyday’recorder.

Newton has just won the title of the League’s best offensive player of the week, and the quarterback will be in close contact with his fans before this weekend’s game against the Crows. He will be filming a pre-match performance with Cohill’s TV station, and we may see two “on TV.” Kam Newton.

“I’ll have fun with him. Reasonably, that’s something I’m looking forward to. He’ll be busy this week. Carolina Panthers Cam Newton jerseys We’ll do something interesting.” Newton also said that people’s jokes and jokes about him can make him happy. “Whatever is interesting, even my jokes, I can find fun in them, because they are fun things.