Challenge Xing Tianyu and get Brady’s jersey again!

At 8:15 on October 5, 2008, the Indianapolis pony VS New England Patriots Competition, our anchor Xing Tianyu sent out a patriot No. 12 Brady jersey.

The competition room was soon full and there seemed to be a lot of interest in the prize room and Tom Brady’s jerseys. So we decided!!!

At 8:20 on October 15, 2008, Kansas City Chief VS New England Patriots competition, our anchor Xing Tianyu once again opened the “Everyday NFL” prize room to challenge players, and sent out a patriot No. 12 Brady jerseys. The number of rooms will be increased to 300, and more players will have the chance to participate in the competition.

Don’t forget to participate in “NFL every day” and blow up Xing Tianyu together.

Notice also:

Anchor Xing Tianyu will also explain Kansas City Chief jerseys VS New England Patriots’game at Tencent Sports at 8:20 on October 15. He will watch his jersey sent out to NFL fans on time.

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