Patriot champion feats to get a big pay cut team, appalling

Patriot champion feats to get a big pay cut team, appalling

The Patriots, meritorious veteran wide receiver cheap kids patriots jerseys Danny Amendola once again with the Patriot restructuring contract, this is the third time in Amendola Aigo to accept a pay cut to stay in the team, according to informed sources disclosed that the cut Amendola magnitude of the people can not bear to look, it is enough to highlight the Patriot feats of love for the team.

Get in before, Amendola can get about $7 million 800 thousand in salary in 2016 and 2017, but the pay cut, the veteran can only get $1 million 250 thousand salaries, but still Amendola accepted the pay cut, because for the veteran patriot in much more important than money. As for the Patriots, the choice to pay directly to help reduce the amount of $4 million 750 thousand patriot patriot vacated space. At the same time, according to sources, in addition to a $1 million 250 thousand deposit, Amendola contract also contains a $100 thousand signing bonus, $50 thousand and $300 thousand on training bonus bonuses, totaling about $1 million 700 thousand, now Amendola’s influence on the Patriots salary cap of only $3 million, before he took the $7 million 791 thousand salary cap. Therefore, the new England patriots team salary cap and about 20 million dollars can be used.

NHL today announced the official one of the 2016-17 regular season eight awards: best goalkeeper Award (Vezina Trophy) of the three final candidates, they are: Columbo, blue goalkeeper Sergei Broff Bao Kandinsky, Washington people goalkeeper Brandon Holtby and Montreal Canadiens goalkeeper Preiss carey.

Awards: best goalkeeper Award (Vezina Trophy), one of the eight NHL regular season awards. The player who is best represented by the NHL official for the goalkeeper position. The award to honor George Wirsing (Georges Vezina) that is named univation from 1910 to 1925, the Montreal Canadiens goalkeeper, died of tuberculosis in 1926. The prize awarded univation started since the 1926-27 season, the 1946-47 season to the 1981-82 season, the prize was awarded to the regular season goals conceded goalkeeper. But now, the least conceded goalkeeper will be awarded the Jennings (William M. Jennings Trophy). Different from the first two vezina trophy awards, decided by the thirty team league vote elected general manager.

The best goalkeeper candidate announced: 15 MVP led univation award that season

The best goalkeeper award will be announced on June 22nd at Beijing’s T-Mobile center in Las Vegas cheap kids patriots jerseys (home to the New Zealand Cavaliers next season).

Candidate profile:

1 – Sergei Bobroff J Ki (Columbus blue), 28 years old, was selected to two vezina trophy final list of three National People’s Congress, and eventually was elected best goalkeeper in 2013 season. The first season he played 63 games 41 wins, a blue record in team history, and 2.06 of the averaging goal number and 93.1% save rate led alliance. This season Bobroff J Ki has seven shutout performance, after Brandon Holtby and brown bear goalkeeper (eight times) – Rascoe card out of the third union. At the same time, Bobroff J Ki from November 30, 2016 to January 4, 2017 Beijing achieved 14 wins also hit a League record (the second longest winning streak in the 1975-76 season Boston bears Giles Gilbert had won 17 straight).

2.. Brandon (the capital of Washington, huoertebi people) at the age of 27, the nine time this season in the league in the first shutout, 42 regular season wins, and Edmonton oilers goalkeeper Talbot Kamm tied for the league. This season, the first 63 huoertebi issued by the war games in the League played at least 25 games goalkeeper, averaging 2.07 out of the second union, save rate of 92.5% out of fourth union. He is the only goalkeeper Bobroff J Ki Columbus and blue two in these two figures are ranked the top five of the league’s goalkeeper.

3 Kerry – Preiss (Montreal, Canada), aged 29, in 2015, the league’s best goalkeeper and most valuable players. This season, Preiss started 62 games to get a record of 37 wins and 20 losses, averaging a goal of 2.23, save rate of 92.3%. It is worth mentioning that this season Preiss had 95.7% terrorist fighting rate achieved 10 wins and 0 cheap kids patriots jerseys negative perfect start, and in Beijing in February 1st the new coach Claude Julien to replace Michel therien after 19 starts to win 13 games.

NHL official will be announced in the near future in the regular season, the final list of eight candidates, we will continue to report for you.

The forty-ninth Super Bowl Amendola help patriots touchdown to tie the game, the fifty-first Super Bowl Amendola finished a touchdown with a key two conversion help harvest fifth crown aigo. Now this is the third time to accept a pay cut, in 2015, Dora Dora took a pay cut to $3 for $12 million 750 thousand, and then in the second quarter of the year again, the benefits of taking a pay cut, the contract was reorganized to $2 in 2016 years. In contrast, the magnitude of the previous pay cut is still in the acceptable range, but this time the direct reduction of the salary of $1 million 250 thousand is not surprising.