Diners complaints: 9 people point to a cheap nfl jerseys china package of $568 waiter said, the standard is not enough, we eat so much, why can not point 568 yuan package?” Speaking of the evening of 25 in the beautiful East scenic museum experience Zi Wei Xuan dinner, Mr. He still excited.

On the same day, Mr. He took advantage of the fine weather, and the weekend, it is about a friend to go to Sanshengxiang is located in the beautiful East play area, but in the evening meal but suffered a bad.
He introduced the beautiful scenic spots in the purchase of the East, Mr. He chose 80 yuan a meal vouchers, “because the ticket said can inside the restaurant consumption, when the cash equivalent, not solely buy tickets.” Into the park, he found this relatively large scale in the restaurant, ordered lunch, “we have many people, wholesale nfl jerseys add up vouchers will be $540, so at noon on the point of a big package, more than and 800 kind of.”

After dinner, we have tea in the teahouse rest outside the restaurant. 5 pm, Mr. ho proposed after a Custom NFL Jerseys simple meal in the restaurant and then return to their respective. “In the process of ordering, so that the mood of the play has been affected.” Mr Ho said that when considering everyone is not too hungry, just want a simple meal can be, “we had a value of 568 yuan package, a total of 7 dishes and one soup, but the waiter did.”
Later, asked, the waiter said that we do not enough standard dishes, the main point of 898 yuan.” He did not understand, “he obviously can not eat so much, do not have to spend such a high price to eat a ‘waste package’ it, it is not mandatory consumption?” He said that the final choice of a package of 668 yuan, only a nfl jerseys wholesale single waiter.

Businesses respond: Dining per capita consumption of 80 yuan to 100 yuan, so, behind the package has no significance. Yesterday, the Chengdu Daily reporter went to the Zi Weixuan dinner hall, dining for a situation where the store manager, Mr. Dai said, “9 of them are 5 meals. In principle, it should be 9 meals.” But they can not eat ah nfl jerseys online, how much to eat their own should be the most clear ah?” For this problem, the acting manager said: this package is designed for us, the guests eat just right, not much will not waste.”

Why do businesses know exactly how much they want to eat? Why can’t 9 people order a cheap meal? We eat per capita consumption of 80 yuan to $100, according to this standard, we above (company) is also a requirement and task, every month to sell a certain amount of.” Behalf of the manager, said, they are 9 people, if the guests have to do so, then we have the following (high price) packages and what meaning it, no one point ah.”

“In addition, we are so arranged, if we have a shop here, it can be said to be mandatory consumption, but jerseys china there are many other stores ah. If our business model is not satisfied, do not want to eat can choose to go elsewhere.” Acting manager said.