Today we continue the offseason star biography feature, now cheap nfl jerseys finally turn the quarterback article you most looking forward to, this is to introduce the Green Bay Packers generation superstar Aaron Rodgers.
In December 2, 1983, Rodgers was born in Chico, California. Unlike Tom Brady, Rodgers strictly and can not be regarded as a child growing up in the bay area, Chico this place in the 100 km north of Sacramento, from the bay area is nearly 150 kilometers away. When Rodgers was a child, their family moved a few times, even farther north to oregon. But when he was in high school, one family returned to Chico, Rodgers went to the local Happy Valley high school in Chico, here played two quarterback, broke the school single season passing yards record, in 2002.

After graduating from high school, because the body has not yet completed development (he is said to have graduated from high school only 5 feet, 10 inches, 165 pounds, that is, 178 cm and 75 kg. In contrast, he is now in the official record of NFL is 6 feet 2 inches, 223 pounds, which is 188 cm and 101 kg, Rodgers did not get any college favor. He had hoped to play as a non scholarship student in Florida, but the idea was rejected. Finally he can only go to a local community college in Chico, somewhat similar to the three or China occupation technical school, or preparatory school. But Rodgers used the performance to prove that NCAA’s school did not give him a scholarship, it is very unwise decision. At Butte community college this year, we are limited by the video game can be learned that the two line Rodgers long ball opponent is very easy to abuse. So here for a year, the San Francisco Bay area schools, the University of California at Berkeley gave him blows to the olive branch.

So the 2003 season, Rodgers put on the University of California blue and gold jerseys, first came to the team, he got the main position, from the first fifth games, starting soon firmly secured position. In the face of Arizona, University of Washington and the Stanford University city rivals in the game, he completed the brilliant performance of the 300 yards 3 touchdowns. In the bowl and Virginia tech, he came 27 in the 35 394 yards and 2 touchdowns, breaking the code number and percentage record in bowl history. Before the start of nfl jerseys china the 2004 season, he has been named the Pacific League (Pac-12) first star. The 2004 season of the University of California, passing attack less aggressive, Rodgers a year before the data is not good, but this is the team’s winning password, this year he led California in the regular season 10 wins and 1 losses, the only defeat or lost was a college football team of the University of Southern California universe. After the wonderful performance of two years, Rodgers thought he had done occupation preparation match, so a quarterback generally wait until graduation re-election norm, decided to participate in the draft.

2005 NFL draft occurred, to the fans are talking about today’s topic. Although not in the bay area to grow up, but Rodgers has always been the support from their hometown recently team of 49 people in San Francisco, and in the 2005 draft, 49 people happen to hand pick. Rodgers was full of confidence that he will join the team growing up, but it did not, 49 people chose the University of Utah’s Alex Smith, after the 22 teams have not selected quarterback, Rodgers suddenly fell to twenty-fourth place in the Green Bay packaging industry was selected. Rodgers and Brady of the two California sunshine boy, eventually have to go to a world of ice and snow in Green Bay and new England mingyangtianxia. For Rodgers, not only did not go into the 49 people, the new owner of Green Bay here, also had a quarterback, known as Bret faffe. Rodgers just as a successor to join, to which year to play the main force, it is hard to say. As the champion show Smith, is likely to play the main season rookie season.

Sure enough, 2005-07 this three years, Rodgers is just a substitute for the team, he played a total wholesale nfl jerseys online of only three games in the past 7 years, and there is no starting point, a total pass pass less than 60 times. In 2006 the packers hired new coach Mike Mccarthy, he made some adjustments in the technical details of Rodgers’s training, improve the hit rate of Rodgers. But at the end of the 2006 season, Favre announced at least one more year, the 2007 offseason, even from the packaging industry could trade rumors of Rodgers.