2014 season, cheap nfl Rodgers jerseys online returned to the top of the state, although this time his performance is still not as good as the miracle of the season, but also enough to let him win the career of the second MVP.

The 2015 season, when receiver Jody Nielsen injured a year, the team ran the ball there are also problems that Rodgers played a career worst record, he became the main force after the first time in a season, averaging 250 yards have not heard. Although the overall poor performance, but there are a few highlights: one is the face of the Kansas City Chiefs game 35 24 333 yards 5 touchdowns in third weeks, another one in December against the Detroit lions in the game, that shocked the world hail Marietta array. In the wild card game, Rodgers also completed a hail Marietta array of signs, but the team eventually regret losing.

At the start of the 2016 season, Rodgers’s performance is not as good as the year before. The team in the first 10 games, only 4 wins and 6 losses, the playoffs precarious situation. But after the tenth game, Rodgers made the famous feel that we can then play the league’s best record (Run the Table) remarks. So in the last six games, he hit the target rate of 15 to reach the end of the array of 0 copies of the pass, passing the score as high as 121, packaging workers in the last eight in a row to win the last round of the playoffs in six. In the division, the team completed the Revenge of the New York giants. In the wild card game, and Rodgers in the final moments of a long shot to help the team’s top seed Dallas cowboys, but in the National League finals defeated the super bowl, the distance is just a step away.

Such a legendary superstar, naturally, private life has also been a lot of attention. Rodgers’s wholesale nfl jerseys girlfriend is a famous actress Olivia Munn, starred in “the newsroom” and “X” X-Men: Apocalypse, which we have repeatedly reported. Although not as Giselle Bundchen world-class supermodel, this is a very attractive paparazzi star couple.

This is the story of a generation of superstar Aaron – Rodgers. Although the number is far less than the champion Rodgers Brady, but performed no better than Brady, even better than him. Originally from the start of the 2015 season is worrying about the decline, but also in the end of last season was the performance of the MVP level to dispel. Looking forward to the new season, Rodgers continued to play quarterback top performance.

The biggest highlight of the season has been in the two leg against the bears who left him back the year before. In the first round in Chicago, Rodgers 28 pass in the 302 yards up to 4, the second round in the Green Bay, he passed the 18 in the 315 yards up to 6, is the career of the second game up to 6 games jerseys, but only with a shot of the 27 to achieve the 27. Rodgers eventually hit 65.6% of the rate of the spread of the 4381 yards up to 38 and only a copy of the 5 cut. This time the packers two playoff dramatic, first because of a famous controversial penalty (“how is to catch the ball”) and the elimination of cowboys, then because of gambling and brutally reversed the Seahawks mistake in kickoff.