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Seventh Cowboys

Hey, Mike Prescott (Dak Prescott) last year was cheap nfl jerseys really surprised, also thanks to him before the solid line, don’t let him get hit. Will this be so? Larry Ronald (Ronald Leary) leave can already foresee Doug Winfrey (Doug Free) and intends to retire…… But I heard from the radio in Dallas according to the content, players are trying to persuade the cowboy, play one more year. If Prescott face [last year’s rare) when the pressure is still able to maintain intensive state, perhaps in the United Nations Deus ex. Oh, yeah, maybe he needs a little more. The Dallas defender has a lot of loss in a free market, as far as I know, the reserve boss Jones: left guard, right tackle, quarterback, defensive end, defensive tackle and safety. LAL – Collins (La El Collins) can act as the left guard, but this way the line depth of worrying. Safety is the same, although Byron – Jones (Byron Jones) regression, but the Cowboys lost Barry Church (Barry Chruch) and J.J. Wilcox (J.J. Wilcox). Because of these big and small flaws, I will put the giants before the cowboy. Ah, may also be counted last year, the giants of the civil war victory for the cowboy factor.

Eighth chiefs

Chief of the much miss wave (Dontari Poe) – Don Terry and Jamal – Charles (Jamaal Charles). But fans seem to be more focused on the former, less concerned about Charles. Also, after all, to this wave is strong and flexible and can’t find spike. But all the 5.5 career rushing the ball running back is also wholesale nfl jerseys rare. However, it does not matter! I tell you a chieftain, Spencer Will (Spencer Ware) and Charles Kendrick West (Charcandrick West) in the backcourt, not empty. Probably. But no matter how much reassurance to devour, the best players in team history will not let anyone leave. More important: who will take over Derek – (Derrick Johnson)? The 34 year old tough inside linebacker second last season rupture of Achilles tendon…… State doubt.

The ninth Seahawks
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