Unknowingly China’s national day has been over half, let us follow a small series to review the recent missed NFL news:

The new England patriots player, the best quarterback Tom Brady in NFL history, in the event of NFL official ban, rare to have leisure to enjoy life and Brady, his world first supermodel wife Giselle came to Italy Bundchen to enjoy the wonderful life of husband and wife.

Brady was very embarrassed the paparazzi photographed by the paparazzi Brady body in nature’s garb and hospitality, naked Tom Brady quickly boarded the Sino US joint daily headlines.

Brady looks as a low-key player, to prevent paparazzi is certainly not his wife to have the experience.

For some time ago on the NFL Super Bowl halftime show the guest performers for once passed raise a Babel of criticism of Adele, the singing of the rumors, but was soon NFL official denied. Then in the Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys another superstar Lady Gaga is media hype.

Recently, NFL official confirmed the news came out, Lady Gaga became the fifty-first Super Bowl halftime show guests, the fifty-first Super Bowl in February 5, 2017 at Houston NRG stadium in Dezhou’s home court, then we can live through the game at halftime of stars.

New York giants star Beckham Odell is a very personal player in the NFL. Beckham when interviewed by the media, ignoring the decisive manager 1753, said: “I am now in a very good mood, everything seems like a fairyland, I just want to play football this.

The recent news, the Dallas Cowboys took over Bryant Mendez large knee fracture phenomenon, but coach Jason – Gareth said that good Sunday against 49 people can participate in the game.

The plot quickly reversed, Mendez Bryant once declared to be playing, but because he was afraid after the MRI results, he missed the team’s medical meetings and training sessions, so he also received the team’s punishment.

But cowboy to the current situation, the 49 games against the Cowboys can also rely on a rookie quarterback Price Kurt and star rookie Elliot for victory.