I am Ma Zhen. I represent China in the first college football World Championships.

My name is Ma Zhen. Actually, I only learned to play rugby from college, and from the beginning I played flag football, and later I was equipped with rugby. From the Snow Wolf Team of Beijing Second Foreign Language College to the Dragon King Team of CAFL Dalian and the Barbarians Team of Beijing.

At present, I am studying MBA at the University of Oregon in the United States, majoring in sports business. I hope that after graduation, I can help the development of rugby in China.

My favorite team is the New England Patriots and my favorite star is Megatron Kelvin Johnson.

The reason for starting contact is simple because of the love of sports and the curiosity of football. No. 2 was not equipped with a rugby team at that time. On my first day in college, I saw the promotion of the waist-flag rugby team.

I like sports very much, and I am curious about this sport that I have never tried before, so I signed up for the team’s trial training.

Because I didn’t know anything about football before, it took me a long time to get to know the rules. At that time, there were not many resources and live games in China, so I tried my best to find football videos that I could find.

Sophomore, I joined the school football team jerseys rugby team north two snow wolf. Three times a week, team training, and other times with my teammates to add training, tired but very full and happy.

In 2014, I had the honor to represent China in Sweden to participate in the first World University Championship. I lost the match miserably. Because of my own mistakes, I lost the first match that the Chinese team should have.

The competition gave me a deeper understanding of football and I was more eager nfl jerseys to train and play.

The most memorable Rugby moment is the first touchdown in CAFL. The match was at Dalian’s home stadium, and the pre-match training was very bad. As an outsider, he missed several times and even worried about whether he would have the chance to play in that match.

After that, I quit my job and concentrated on training for the new CAFL season, but it backfired and I didn’t have a chance to play. Later, I was invited by my friends to join the Beijing Barbarian Rugby Team. At first, I only knew a few people in the team. Slowly, we gradually became familiar with each other and new teammates joined us. We are a football family!

I hope I can contribute to the development of rugby in China jerseys in the future. Finally, I decided to go to the University of Oregon to study MBA, Sport Business.

Rugby at the University of Oregon has a great atmosphere. I’ve been watching every team’s home games since I came to the United States. Although it is very tired to stand and watch the whole game in the student ticket area every time, it is a kind of enjoyment to watch the game closely, even if it is only the fans, but when the home team arrives, that excitement is like standing on the field!

I can feel that I am part of the team and support the team with my own cry. I hope you can have a chance to watch the game and feel the magic of football.

Rugby seems to me to be the best team sport, very much like a team in real life.