We are Polaris girls. We want to set up China’s first women’s football team jerseys.

In this year’s NFL waist flag North China Competition, several girls of our team attracted a lot of attention. Let’s tell you aloud: We are the Polaris Team of Liaoning Experimental Middle School!

Training is harder than boys, charging is braver than boys. We are determined to form China’s first women’s football team jerseys. football has become an indispensable part of our life. Next is our story with football.

Polaris captain and team manager

I used to think of football as the most popular sport in the United States, but I don’t have a specific concept in mind. After our first training trip, we plan to go to Harbin in October for the flag football match, so the coach is going to hold an in-team game.

Gradually, our team became more and more complete: we had our own team name, designed our uniforms and slogans. In the evening, I gradually became accustomed to not eating, ran to the playground and trained with my teammates.

Maybe it’s because I’m careful and knowledgeable. I’m honored to be the manager of the team. I’m in charge of the life of the team. We also overcome many difficulties in Harbin and got runner up. And what’s more important for us is that we can go out and play games with our teammates and share the joy together, which is the first step for the growth of Polaris.

North star vice captain

I didn’t know football before joining the team. The first reaction in my mind was “barbarism”. But the fifty-first super bowl of 2017 overturned my world.

During the Spring Festival holidays of 2017, when I was in winter camp in the United States, I came across the game where patriots and falcons competed for the Super Bowl. I watched it in a restaurant with my host family. Although I didn’t know anything about football, I remember that when the Patriots reversed, even the cooks of the restaurant came out and cheered. I really feel the crazy fascination of football.

In August this year, I learned that the school organized football training, I took part in the first training with a try mentality. There were only two girls at the beginning, but the coach didn’t let us off because of this.

For a very practical reason, I chose to join the football team at the beginning of its establishment. That is, I am going to college in the United States to learn about football culture in advance.

I found that even a small body had infinite explosive power; I found that girls were not excluded from football culture; I found that sports that I had no contact with had become inseparable.

On the hottest summer in Shenyang, our school suddenly set up a nfl football jerseys. For reasons that have nothing to do with football, I joined the football team. football gives me more pleasure.

football, unlike basketball and football, tests explosive power, so it needs to be thoroughly warmed up before training, and much more tired than I imagined, but everyone tries to keep their movements in place.

The first time I took part in the NFL China jerseys Waist Flag Competition, my opponent was surprised when I faced five boys and tore down their Waist Flag. I was very excited and shouted out Yeeees! Not only because I have contributed to the team, but also because I have proved that girls are not inferior to boys in the field of sports!