I am Mark. I have set up a pink theme Chinese youth football team jerseys.

It’s skyline youth football coach.

The favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

At the same time, I am also an amateur olive player, playing Titan in Shanghai, China.

In order to let more seven-year-old children participate in the equipment of football game, in the fight to experience the football for their spiritual and physical level of happiness, I set up a pink bomb team.

The name is inspired by the NFL’s pink campaign every October. Pink represents women as well as mothers. I love my mother and hope that children will be more caring and caring for their mothers.

In the early days of the formation of the team, I also met a great challenge, the first point is the safety problem, because many Chinese mothers have not touched football jerseys before, in their hearts, football is a very brutal, easily injured sport, parents are not very reassured.

But with more and more training, parents are getting to know more about the game.

With parents and coaches telling our children the origin of the team name, they also learned about the NFL’s Pink Ribbon campaign for women’s health, and the kids brought us surprises.

The new season is still a season for mothers to train with you, play with you, help you wear shoes and pants,nfl jerseys online and hope you love your mothers more, don’t make them angry, don’t let them down, but also hope that more people pay attention to football, Skywalk, pink bomb, hope that more people like football.

When watching live NFL Tencent sports games, there is always a bullet screen saying that there is no condition for children to play football in China. Welcome to Skywalker to learn football. Hope your kids join the Pink Bomb through Skywalker.