Confucius was later Chinese dream wholesale known as the big Yin holy,nike nfl jerseys composition however in my opinion, he is more of a “know it can’t for” the dreamer. The spring and Autumn period and the falling of ceremony, moral anomie, in the flames of war, a world without. Confucius was pregnant with his kindness, to restore the “rite” quartet. In order to realize their own ideas, he traveled around the world, the opening of apprentices, in distress and unyielding, suffered ridicule without falling, sitting as the bench without regret. The Chu crazy pick the allegorical, long Ju Jie drowning out ridicule, Mohist expert, has not made him shake. “Gentleman, for it is. Not the way, known to carry.” He is so, knowing something difficult, impossible to realize their ambitions, still lobbying, trying to regain around in both lan. Although at that time again and again as an outcast, but like the sun and the moon, shining history.

Spring and autumn and the Warring States, a world as their own responsibility, dare to play the dream, not only his, but also my. “Know that it can not be for it,” the dream of the spirit, inspired me to strive for the ideal unremitting, even if there is no failure, what is the regret? In the failure of the forward, the same can be bright!

Chinese dream this, have driven, high long-term temporary detachment.

Mo Yan, 30 years old in 80s has been fully satisfied or contented his works, “Red Sorghum” was adapted into a film of the same name, including the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, numerous awards but he is not so smug, contrary to his more patience to dig around the characters, to record the story around. A year of accumulation, he completed “sandalwood punishment”, “frog” and jerseys nfl china for promotion other more than and 10 novels, and has won the Nobel prize for literature in 2012. After winning the prize, he humbly said that I was only a story telling person.

Success and not forget, success and not disdain for the world, that is Mo Yan do, that is my dream. After climbing the peak, not too proud horseshoe light, but modest and practical; not stalled, but always ride, a long drive, world without end.

China dream this long time passed, there are unmoved either by gain or loss, unyielding snow at the end of pines, a bluegrass withgeneral indifferent, only for the Aoyama do not relax. With my Chinese dream, does not carry, Changfeng, mighty and go, go with head high and chest out sand ferry

“My Chinese dream”

Text / junior high school students

Dream is a kind of expectation, the dream is a promise to the future. The dream is beautiful, it is the heart of the most beautiful expectations, so the dream come true has become our long-standing belief. The dream is the sunlight, it causes the people to move from the impetuous to be steadfast, moves toward the firm from the hesitation, and moves toward the success. The dream is powerful, it is the source of power forward in life; lofty dreams can inspire the potential of all one’s life. I also have a dream, the seed of this dream is deeply rooted in my heart, my dream is to be a fashion designer!

In many people’s eyes, I want to realize this dream is a difficult thing, designers need to travel all over the world to find inspiration, if not new, people do not feel love, feel too trivial; drawing designer to day and night, should be considered a good proportion, to draw the details; designers should not only design, but also learn to collocation, people love to listen to the idea of designers, can not let people down…… I admit, very hard, really hard! But I won’t give up, even if the way in the pursuit of a dream to touch the nail, stumble, I will climb up, continue to go forward! Because I want more people to wear my beautiful clothes, then smile the way; I love to see new clothes you wear my design, and then caused the trend, we wear super – fashion; I hope you put on my handsome clothes, Xiaoxiao meet tomorrow…… This is what I want to see, so, anyway, I have to try my best to achieve this dream, to achieve this dream!

This dream, but I hope for a long time, I hope every day, every night, hope even dream! I wish I could grow up quickly, good to learn design; I hope you can in order to design clothes, go around the world, looking out of the ordinary “golden ideas”; I’m looking forward to design their own clothes to be love, everyone top quality for cheap nfl jerseys put on after I look forward to more happiness; and to do well-known designers, to win glory for the motherland, one person; occasionally dreaming, I dreamed of: I hold a beautiful pencil on a piece of white paper, draw a piece of beautiful clothes; and dream: I travel around the world, and all the famous designer exchange, talk about their ideas; I will dream of: home to see, my costume is a lot of people dressed himself in the side secretly “fun”……

I’ve been working hard for my dream! Now every week I go to fashion design courses, and learning painting; the future the university entrance exam, exam, School of fashion design is well-known, and then learn to go to travel around the world for inspiration after learning, finally on the world stage, become a famous fashion designer! This is my plan, although it seems very far away, but I can step by step to achieve, I will be a distant dream, a little bit of realization, I believe that since.