At the end of the interview, the scene of the big screen broadcast a section of the Tencent sports carefully recorded video clips. For years, Manning had a very famous habit of writing letters to his parents, brothers, friends, and opponents on the court. Manning often in a letter to everyone as ridicule,

For example, “said Father may not equal to the sons, for example, called” Brady was his brother, is always losing his another brother (Manning) brother “, such as” I told Eli Manning are now the number of Super Bowl champion as much”……

Therefore, the Tencent to find the 3 loyal Manning fans, in the video also made fun of Manning. Fans Bill look forward to Manning’s all records can be maintained forever, of course, also includes Manning in the rookie season to create the 28 copy of the historical record,

Hear here, could not help laughing Manning, hope the fans can forget the embarrassing record; Blacksugar fans in Manning by a champion to occupation career said curtain moved at the same time, also worried about Manning’s family, “everyone could see, when you win, Eli Manning even do not laugh”.

Tencent sports business cooperation center director Yang Lusha on behalf of Tencent to Manning gift — a silk produced by the “art of war”. Because of the “art of war” is the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancients China, is told how to command combat command thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers.

But it is the most intelligent quarterback football position, is also responsible for the command team competition, therefore, the gift of Manning is perfect. Manning sent the ball with his Autographed NFL game jerseys!