I’m Sun. I took this group of pregnancy pictures. I decided to be a quarterback when I finished my confinement.

My name is Liu Liri Sun. Now I’m a company accountant and a runner. I occasionally go out and run. I’m also a football sister-in-law, a ball mom and a future player!

Now I’m the mother of two girls and I’m looking forward to coming back from the moonlight as soon as possible, joining the football team and enjoying great team sports.

So we have a photographer for the second child. I didn’t agree. He encouraged his daughter to persuade me that their father and daughter played cheap football jerseys in the yard every day. The relationship was very strong. Finally, I compromised.

The original plan was to shoot the location and shoot with the team. But the cameraman’s schedule clashed with the team’s training hours, and pregnant pictures were inconvenient in the exterior, which ended up in the studio.

The gentleman happily borrowed his teammate’s armour, filmed the day came to the shed, must I wear armour and then wear a team uniform shooting, said that is more handsome, and then carefully served me to wear armour, put on a blouse, ready.

According to my husband’s opinion, I’d rather take a single picture myself. He won’t be on the screen when I take a pregnant picture. But I can tell by the look on his face that he wants to be on the screen too, so I’ll let him put on his equipment. At first he pretended to be shy and refused all the time. Soon he bumped into the car to pick up his equipment. Unfortunately, he didn’t wear his collision pants. This was also where he felt imperfect after the photos came out.

But I feel satisfied with it. If I have the chance to have a wedding anniversary, I will have a group of outdoor scenes with the team.

So the theme of football actually runs through my second pregnancy.

In September last year, he went home excitedly and told me that someone was playing football in Fuzhou.

But after touching football, he began to roll the iron seriously, and even bought a squat to go home, jumping rope ladder at home, resulting in a huge increase in food, this year weighed 20 pounds, but also saw him slowly began to bring new players jerseys, to participate in team management.

I have witnessed the progress of my husband and the team’s growth from the very beginning to the very beginning – the Fuzhou Mariners, who joined the City Bowl to start the 2018 tournament.

Every time the team’s training, there will be small partners from Quanzhou come all the way, rain or shine, after training and then take the train back. At first I could not believe that they would stick to it, but they insisted on it. I think football really has a unique charm that makes people love it so much.

It was written on Oct. 16, a few days ago, when the teams had just practiced with Wenzhou Red Deer in Fuzhou, the two teams collectively mourned the death of a recent illness. I am more and more fond of this sport because of my fierce football.

I used to think girls couldn’t play football until my husband gave me a lot of examples of girls playing football.

But I was in the middle of pregnancy when I touched football, and only when I took this set of pregnant pictures did my husband teach me the quarterback’s passing position to pose for me.

Looking forward to coming back to the stadium after birth.

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