Fifty-first Super Bowl just over the past 1 months, tens of cheap nfl jerseys chinathousands of people participated in the world’s top sports feast micro-blog. If you watch the game, you must not forget the new England patriots from the beginning of the fourth Jedi counterattack. With the end of the super bowl, the NFL into a long offseason, until the September season opener, will return to the horizon.

Chinese from  NFL jerseys

Chinese from NFL jerseys

This year, a little change, the first time there is an active NFL players and domestic football fans conducted an in-depth exchange. James is not the first one to Chinese kausar NFL player, before he had just been to one of the fiftieth Super Bowl champion, four elite quarterback Payton Manning. However, the new NFL with extremely fluent Chinese and affinity personal charm, in the micro-blog 2 million 636 thousand topic amount of reading, Manning beat 2 million 607 thousand.

NFL players in the offseason holiday abroad is often the case, the year before the “beast mode” horse – Sean Lynch went to Turkey last year, supernova external Odell Beckham in London to play, this year the strongest tight end rob Gelon ‘came to Barcelona. They all do the same thing – communicate with local amateur teams. Kausar is no exception, after the online interaction with China fans, he held a personal Mini camp in Shanghai.
Kausar is defensive end Oakland Raiders, the training programs are personally designed by him, the content is divided into 3 stages: warm-up, physical fitness, skills training. Participate in the training camp is Shanghai amateur football team (Nighthawk, warriors, dragoon, Titan) members and fans came from another city, such as Guizhou forest team redknapp.

But Redknapp did not last beyond physical link will drop to the ground, on the sidelines while he joked he “that physical fitness as well wholesale nfl jerseys as young advanced in age” is so abundant, while for rapid development of China football, when he was exposed to the sport, with a NFL player can not imagine training together.

Skill practice is divided into four regions, the group of players is the defense costs, training content is natural defensive. Each area has an assistant coach to help teaching, walking back and forth in several areas of costs, and the players, interactive guide. The training content of a region called “In Box Tackle Drill”, head coach is Zhang Jiaqi, he can be regarded as the strongest domestic players, had participated in the Chinese indoor football occupation League, dealt with a lot of NFL level players. As a naive China player, the daily training content for him to teach natural handy. Evaluation of his personal kausar is very high: big, muscular strength is sufficient, and both the speed and dexterity, to understand the content of training is in place. In the eyes of the people is a kausar, closest to the NFL occupation level.