February 25th reported that Japan’s “Sankei Shimbun Diaoyu Islands cheap nfl jerseys normalization” reported on 24 February, the day before was informed that since last autumn, China official boat around the Diaoyu Islands in activities from the original 3 ships into 4 ships, which received a number of relevant government sources confirmed. China’s aim is to increase pressure on the Diaoyu Islands, the establishment of territorial claims on the island. The Japanese government insiders also believe that this is a precursor to China’s Diaoyu Islands officially began operations, and therefore has stepped up vigilance.

In addition to the strong wind and big waves days, almost every day Chinese official nfl jerseys china boat sailing around the Diaoyu Islands in the territorial waters outside the contiguous zone. They repeatedly enter the territorial waters 3 times a month. The original is mainly carried out in 3 ships, since last September, the activities carried out by the 4 vessels is normal. 18 this month, the Chinese official boat into the territorial waters of the Diaoyu Islands, 4.

Last August, the ships Chinese official ship Chinese follow fishing boats into the territorial waters of the Diaoyu Islands event in the contiguous zone was found to have an unprecedented 15 ship China official ship. Foreign ministry official said, in August last year the event as an opportunity to Chinese may upgrade on the Diaoyu Islands activities.

Around the Diaoyu islands surrounding the situation, in December of last year for the first time to find a Chinese official ship equipped with cannon into the contiguous zone, worrying China official ship heavy and large scale.
Police immediately notified to Luojiang County Public Security Bureau Jinshan police station, deputy director Lu Xiaojin was on duty with the police to Yongjun several people, drove to the town of all sizes, one can find the hotel hotel, even found a few no results. “This is not a way to check.” The deer Xiaojin quickly contact nfl jerseys wholesale the police, asked several times, finally learned that the man called Li Lei Dutch act, gold town is estimated to live in a small hotel on the road of unity, the police who is his friend, because received a video sent to Li Lei, so I chose the alarm.

At the end of last year, the Japanese government decided to strengthen the security system, mainly to strengthen the territorial waters of the Diaoyu Islands garrison system, but did not put forward a specific number of personnel and patrol ship target. Hibo relevant persons responsible for the forefront of the affairs of the said, “will effectively carry out territorial security guard and contiguous zone”. But in the face of increasing pressure Chinese, how to make the sea Department to maintain the dominant position, is an important topic of the Japanese government.