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In Sunday’s victory over falcons, the Bengals lost an important offensive weapon. Near-end Tyler Eifert jerseys left the court with a serious leg injury after catching the ball in the third quarter of the game.

After the game, according to NFL Network correspondent Tom Pelissero, Evert was in urgent need of surgery and the season was likely to end.

The 28-year-old Everth landed in a terrible position on his right ankle when pulled to the ground by the De’Vondre Campbell and was in great pain when he fell to the ground. Afterwards Evert put on protective boots and was taken out of the field by a medical van. It was clear that tears were in his eyes.

Evert signed a contract of 5 million 500 thousand dollars a year with the Cincinnati Bengals jerseys. It is time to prove himself. He made a 15 yard catch in the game, and without the accident his numbers would have been even more impressive.

After the game Everth tweeted: “I tried my best to exercise so that I can help the team win, this happened to me heart-breaking. But according to my experience, it is useless to feel sorry for oneself, to be depressed and decadent.