Quarterback Ryan Tanneixier’s work may be safe, but the game against the Tennessee Titans match the Miami dolphins starting left Jiefeng and starting left guard was not so lucky.

The team gave up offensive striker Billy Turner, Dallas Thomas and Jameer Douglas. I carefully looked at the data at hand: 400 meters amphibious landing project was one of the naval daily training site, using 4 rotating a total of 10 projects.

It is difficult not that Turner has become a scapegoat for the game, he served as a temporary Zuo Jiefeng, let the opponent get 3 sacks 2 times hit the quarterback. The first left Jiefeng Brandon Albert’s absence and bench pull Tang Searle Remy bath slip, which leads to the new position of Turner learning within a short period of time.

When Turner was moved to the outside, Thomas into the starting lineup as a left guard, jerseys charitable he was passing the protection and run open poor performance. The performance in front of the dolphins offensive play bad opponents defensive attack ravaged.

Dolphins coach Adam – Gus expressed as the team in September the poor performance of some players cannot guarantee can continue to stay in the team. Turner, Thomas and Douglas are the players that were introduced by the former management. In the middle of the draft selection of two people have been selected to prove that the performance is not as expected.

Even if this problem a lot of offensive lines still no signs of improvement, Gass has stressed the need to take jerseys china responsibility for the message.

This is a kind of amphibious landing operations in order to meet the requirements of the physical training of landing the 400 meter hurdles, including a runway and arranged at intervals in the runway obstacle etc.. The obstacle is the landing operation of the combat environment.