Baker Mayfield jersey will be appointed Brown’s first quarterback.

The top quarterback, Baker Mayfield, made his debut Thursday night and led Brown to a long-awaited victory.

Mayfield’s voice for the first time has risen, and whether Tyrod Taylor can pass the concussion test this week or not, he’ll lose his seat. But the head coach (Hue Jackson) had to wait until Monday to announce the final start.

“I think you’ve got a lot of ideas about how things will go, so just wait and see what happens,” Jackson said on Friday.


Mary Kay Cobot reports that Brown will appoint Mayfield as the starting quarterback on Monday. Before attending the conference, Jackson is expected to inform two quarterback’s decision.

In Thursday’s 21-17 victory over the jet,Cleveland Browns Baker Mayfield jerseys made 17 of 23 passes, pushed 201 yards, and completed a two-point conversion. Taylor is the 14 pass to complete 14 times, advance 19 yards. In the previous two games, Taylor had 84 passes, 41 passes, 462 yards, two touchups and two intercepts.