Complete your “He two days ago by MMS sent me two photos.”Xiao bengals bistro jerseys menu dream Luo sat in the cafe on the sofa, half of the body is sinking into the shadows, dim the lights in the half of her face, is not much, if any of the lonely.”Oh, what’s that?”” Xiao Luo words aroused my interest, I sat up straight, waiting for her to tell me to feel fresh gossip.

Xiao Luo and his predecessors had more than two years to break up, there is little contact, but the man will send some messages to her, but he never returned. Today, the man married, Xiao Luo feel that there is no need to contact.

I have always felt that Xiao Luo in the treatment of former attitude to have peace of mind, I did not expect this time to have two photos she choked!

Xiao Luo to mobile phone handed over to me, and then some sad to say: “when he chased me said he had a dream, that one day I can personally drove delta wing took me to fly, I was lost in the dream he thought it was entranced, is the world’s most handsome industry, then we together, my dream is one day I bengals bike jerseys can go to Tibet again and he, in order to satisfy their own Fengyun energy bursting of the literary heart, the two when I love no one, but is now married to the same thing as to do.”

I carefully looked at the two photos, then put the mobile phone back to her, deliberately made fun of her: “how, are you jealous?”

I have a white small Luo said: “it is not jealous, is that his dream being realized, awkward.”

“What do you have to water, he sent this picture is the gas you, who did you put on your left, hell-bent one ah!”

Xiao Luo sat up and took a sip of coffee, then said: “we are together for a long time, had promised each other to dream as if failure, everyone jerseys different color seems to have forgotten our promise, as if such a calm day even after one hundred years, no one will feel what is wrong. Instead is the hand finally remembered those brilliant dreams, as if the only way to remind yourself in the most cherished, but chose to miss.”

Xiao Luo tone wrapped in a trace of regret sad, I tried to joke: “are you not going to swallow it?”

“Do you remember when we college favorite joke about a sentence, if you are well, I was a bolt from the blue. At the time of this sentence, I listen to laugh every time I was not so sinister ah, in fact he is happy I am very happy, but when one day he found himself once and have the common dream when he and another woman to realize, feeling he had jerseys Free Shippin too incompetent so, not only can make him better.”

Look at the small Luo that angry look, I gave a chuckle: “you are not too incompetent, but when he knew the importance of dreams for you when it was too late now, he sent you the picture, just want to make up for past regret.”

In the world of love, who have not gone through some The imprint is engraved on my heart. regrets?

I fantasize about the greatest happiness is that he was wearing a military uniform to marry me, and I dressed in white, her smile, the last people is wearing a military uniform, to marry someone else. I have imagined in a train station, is about to return to that he suddenly I got down on one knee and finger is a flash ring, and I cried, but to return back and forth so many stations, but has not been to the happiness that I want. I have imagined a person to leave the hometown, a strange city for love, but to understand the dialect, humid climate and the care of their loved ones so I gradually lost confidence.

We were in love again and again so many imaginary scenes, but in the end it became the blueprint for others.

Did not complete the mission in a relationship, we always expect to achieve in the next section, we have jerseys supply center gradually become Wholesale jerseys authentic better, but regret is always like that for a long time the broken tooth, will not pull pull pain, but feel the air leakage. Obviously you can do it, but finally in the time of the morning and evening to lose, so those beautiful dreams have become the most profound memories of regret.

Positive and negative right and wrong is not love, but early and late but it is definitely a couplet of love.

Early in the morning, is not sweet, or like sugar coated pills, the people always spicy bitter, bitter as much as possible, you start to benefit from, do not want to give your first lesson in love you, often hurt you most of the people.

Late, always cherish. Wash magnificence, faded aura, beautiful fairy who cast the dream, finally began in a trivial state into your life.

Right, you are my night; wrong, you are my early. Love, in fact, so simple.

I think of Xiao Luo said: “now you, don’t quarrel with your boyfriend, things are not so and learn to take care of people persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, the former, with you together, do you?”

Xiao Luo shook his head and seemed to understand what I meant to say. She suddenly relieved: “too, I told my boyfriend also do a lot of love before the