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Recently, the US authoritative sports media ESPN issued a long article on the official website to analyze the prediction and ranking of the strength of the 32 teams in the future. In order to accurately predict which NFL teams can lead in the next three seasons, ESPN has invited Lewis – Reddick, Mike – Santo and field – Yates to form an expert group. They studied each team’s squad list (excluding the quarterback), the quarterback, the show, the management, and the coach. Integration and scoring:

After scoring each index, the five scores will be converted to a comprehensive strength score according to a certain proportion. The proportion of the conversion is: the squad list (excluding the quarterback) 30%, the quarterback 20%, the draft 15%, the management level 15%, the coach 20%, and the total score of the 32 teams by ESPN. Today, we will give you a comprehensive analysis of the ranks of the top 1-10, and see which teams have.

First place: Philadelphia Eagle jerseys (88.7)

Last season: 13-3

Ranking reason: the Hawks not only have young quarterback Carson – winner, but also the best substitute quarterback Nick – Fowles as the guarantee. In addition, we should say that the management led by general manager Howie Rosman is the best in the league. In a predictable future, the Hawks’ core players will stay in the battle: swate, alshen Geoffrey, Ryan Johnson, Malcolm Jenkins, Jason Kelsey, Brandon – Brooks, Kelsey, creditors, and politicians, all of their current contracts have been signed at least. It’s 2020.

The biggest hidden danger: ESPN experts are very optimistic about the future of the Hawks. If we have to find out what is the hidden danger, it is the Super Bowl effect. When they win the super bowl, many teams naturally come to dig, especially when some meritorious coaches leave, which may cause a fatal blow to the team. For the rest of the game, the offensive team coach fleck Laixi took up his post in Indianapolis and the quarterback coach John de Filippo was the coach of the Minnesota Viking attack team. Under such circumstances, in order to maintain the champion culture,nfl game jerseys it is necessary to prepare for the next trainer in rainy weather.

Looking forward to the future: last season, the hawk offensive defense several key data are basically the top three in the NFL, so the new season hawks want to break through is very difficult. If last year’s two – round show Sidney – Jones was able to recover from a torn Achilles tendon, the hawk had another close – door guard, which meant that the Hawks had a new rookie player in the new position.

Second: the new England Patriot jerseys sale (86.7)

Last season rankings: 13-3

Reason for ranking: in a coalition that must strictly control the wage cap, a large number of players flow and other big and small aspects to maintain their competitiveness, the new England patriots, like a evergreen tree, stand out for nearly 20 years, and have been the most successful model of team sports in the world. Billy Cheik ranks first in the coach. In recent two years, the operation of the team and its decisions are largely from his own hands. Besides, the patriot’s management is not only the Craft family, but the ability of the team behind the head, Nick kadrio, is also underestimated.

The biggest hidden danger: when Tom Brady will feel old on the pitch? When will the passion for rugby be retreated? This is the biggest problem for the Patriots. No one knows when Brady retires, and no one knows how he will stay in his seventeenth season. Although the patriot’s operation is now entirely self – sufficient, Brady’s choice to retire will cause a chain of effects, if the patriot is lost at the same time. Brady and Peter lake, where will the big ship go?

Looking forward to the future: ESPN experts are also optimistic about the prospects of patriots. Considering the uncertainty of Brady and Brady, the team has time to prepare for the future.