The Dallas Cowboys star Toni wholesale nfl jerseys Romo suddenly announced his retirement, and accept the American CBS TV station invited to become a full-time NFL analyst and commentator, and after the news broke the Dallas Cowboys also officially announced to cut the team’s ten year veteran, and certainly Luo Moye retired signed CBS. So far, no arena Toni Romo figure, but in the future we will be in a NFL game Legend heard the voice.


Star Tony - Romo

Star Tony – Romo


Toni Romo in the United States on April 4th on his twitter suddenly issued a message to retire “I think it’s time to start a new journey” and put a piece with the CBS picture, the veteran suddenly ended his career outside death guard, after the Cowboys also confirmed this news for this choice, Romo had said it was unacceptable, because he has the ability to lead a team to win, but perhaps years of injuries and the past year by the last passion bench will be exhausted, and for this own choice, he has made his own explanation, he said Houston Dezhou people very much hope for his play, but out of love and longing, to explain their health, as well as the CBS of a big contract, he made this choice.

By the bye! Cowboys veteran announced the retirement of the legendary ending

“It was really a tough decision, and I came back to it many times.” Toni Romo said, “I lost enthusiasm for the game, I think in Dezhou people are really hard to do what, in the CBS commentary, I have thousands of possible. I think I made the right decision. I’ve been talking to my wife about it a lot of times, and now it’s time to figure it out.”

At the beginning of the third quarter is only 33 seconds, the penguins will score 4:0, defender online Justin Schultz from Crosby’s pass along the left wall towards the blue line, saw two teammates in front of the opportunity Shishe the ball to the ancient Nzel’s body after the play the net, 4:0.

Tenth minutes and 30 seconds, the blue team finally the penguins play much less mistakes when Schultz pulled one back, mistakes in the blue line near the blue group center Brandon Du Robbins base off the ball after he drove along the right side of dart, up against the moment before hit a stunning wrist shot in penguin defender Mark Streit, Murray’s ten ball through to the net, 4:1. Then the two sides again unable to rewrite the score, the penguins to a fully and delightfully victory this season two of the series will be rewritten into 2-2, four games this cheap mlb jerseys china season, the team’s home court, victory, so this victory for penguins is crucial. At present, the team with 3 points ahead of the blue team, locked in the first round of the playoffs home court advantage, Murray with 38 saves to become the game’s greatest hero.

“Do I still want to play? Obviously I don’t want to, never say forever, but now, I don’t want to continue to play.” Toni Romo clearly say it all, for a player. Enthusiasm is often the basis for their support, and without enthusiasm then what to face all this? After all, he was 37 years old, his body could not support more injuries, plus new pressing on the bench, this is really not as good as the CBS a 5 month contract commentary, but also to get the poor salary, which is understandable.