Last week saw a lot of recruitment information,create conditions for yourself to participate in a lot of field interviews. In fact, looking for work with love is about the same, you can see the company may not see you to get authentic nfl jerseys redskins, but the company can not see you, you may not see it. So, often still need a bit of fate and opportunity to serve “”.

The process of looking for work is similar to vote online resume, if qualified, will HR an interview, or your resume up online, but also can get some interview. I do not have the sea to vote resume, and authentic nfl jerseys redskins their ability to basically match the only. Some benefits of various conditions, the work content is my love, hope to vote, but no echo, because I do not meet certain requirements of it. The deepest impression is that a company is in line with the other requirements, the only point is not in line with the English level is not eight.

Suddenly think of a “big bull” with me, English can not be weak, good English can increase a lot of opportunities. At that time I did not think, now lose the opportunity to realize the seriousness of the problem. Since the subject of English, my weakness and a Kids Buffalo Bills Jerseys root, the whole English learning career, dragging my legs did not let it go. However, the more you drag the subject, the more you do not want to learn; the better the subject, but you have more power. So for so many years, I think it is not good at english. There authentic nfl jerseys redskins have been numerous regain English Determination, but often give up halfway, buy a lot of learning materials are covered with dust in the corner.

Sometimes I think, if my English is better, life is not a bit different, I am not able to see more scenery, I am not able to get more opportunities. But not if, regret is useless, the only solution is to immediately, now, immediately go to school, do not let the future to miss more opportunities. Therefore, don’t wait for something to remember the hard wall. Life to take a detour is not less, life to learn the same things can not be authentic nfl jerseys redskins less. Some things you do not now, the future is bound to suffer. People want to have a sense of urgency, it is important to have a good moment, but only in front of the comfort and smooth is absolutely not desirable.

In college, a lot of people around the life is 3.1, classroom, canteen, dormitory. No class days, not playing the game is spent in the brush series, go out to idle away in seeking pleasure comfortable. Even some people even do not go to class, skipping in addiction, “anyway, university learned, future work is also used on” sounds more peace of mind. Four years of time, fleeting. When you want to find a job, only to find the resume absolutely empty, there are no proficiency in a particular line, attractions, and even some of the basic software are used not to slip away. Then, the confused hesitation, there are few companies, the interview has repeatedly rebuffed.

This toawaken, originally graduated really will be unemployed, the original life so difficult. In the heart ten thousand regret, why the university does not have the good study specialized course, why not to have good polish own interest, why didn’t have the good study english…… However, what is the use? If there is any regret in the world, you authentic nfl jerseys redskins should have a dozen. Life is not heavy, you kind of under what kind of cause, will knot what kind of fruit. Life is a big classroom, a lot of things you do not go to school now, you have to go through a lot of pits, you have to learn sooner or later. A lot of people ask me, what does the University have meaning in the end? Meaning this word is given by the person, I believe that everyone is not the same interpretation of it.

If you make good use of these four years, continuous learning, and constantly improve their ability, the University in your meaning is better yourself, better future. If you spend all your time in the four years of useless things, in the end is still in college you may be left with nothing whatsoever, really have no meaning. So, why say college graduation is a watershed, brush off a number of people who can not keep up with the rhythm, leaving a group of people more and more powerful. As a person, especially recently looking for work, the experience of this point is even more profound. Third summer internships, want to do work, but do not go in the University and the relevant aspects of the accumulation of skills, interviewed a lot of companies have been brushed off.

One year later, the job easier, applying for almost all received a reply, an interview with the phone in a continuous line, get a lot of opportunities. So when you have a certain score, whether it is you find opportunities or opportunities to find you, are much easier, the key to see how you choose. The world is very utilitarian, but it admits your efforts. To adhere to or to give up, to choose the present bitter, or the future suffering, all in your own. Don’t wait until it lost treasure, don’t wait for the wall to remember to.