May 3, 2013, Cross stitch buffalo bills “China dream show” on the stage authentic jerseys in life to embark on a special dream commission. Her name is Yang Pei, a young girl with no arms. Her dream is to open a small cross stitch shop.

Shop? Cross stitch?

The good host asked softly, “are you selling other people’s works, or…?”

At this time, Yang Pei can not help but reveal a proud smile, but also a playful extension of the tongue, she certainly said: “someone else to buy me.”

The main man couldn’t believe his ears, and asked him, “if you like, can you tell me what’s going on?” Yang Peiliu tears, at the age of nine, Yang Pei accidentally pull cable of the transformer, unfortunately the power that she is lying in a tearful Mother’s arms so when we wake up.

Fate in this moment to change the trajectory of her life, amputation for a beautiful girl has not yet begun, what does it mean? When choosing YangPei way, mother was found, mother said painfully, you have not thought about if you die, my mother how to do?

Yes, if such a dead, for those who love their own selfish. You can’t change the reality, but you can choose a positive way of life. From that moment, Yang decided to be optimistic and strong, jerseys different color like a sunflower, even if the living environment is bad, it will always be the same as the sun.

Xiao Yang Pei first step is to learn to be independent, so she began to learn to take care of their lives, and strive to learn cultural knowledge. She believes that she can be a common girl, others can do, she has been practicing, repeated training, also can do.

Then, she began to try at home cooking, washing dishes, washing clothes, cleaning the girl, the beauty of nature, but also to make her learn to dress.

Because you can’t go back to school, YangPei every time I see the TV, always looked at the screen for a word memory, slowly she can see some books, by reading books on the outside of the world has more than once yearning.

However, at home, she was always taken care of by her parents, and every time they saw her doing things, they couldn’t help running to help. I had to be able to do things, but to give up halfway.

That day, little Yang Pei had his first argument with his mother. In order to make her feet more flexible, Yang Pei decided to practice the art of cross stitch. It may not be difficult for an ordinary person, but it is a very big challenge for Yang, who has no hands.

In this regard, the mother firmly opposed, she was always afraid of Yang Pei injury, kept nagging, in case you get to do? Pull the cord does not come out, how do trip yourself? In fact, let him fear was such fine work, Yang Peizuo is not enough, will certainly hit, if it low-spirited, then trouble.

But Yang Pei did not jerseys Free Shipping understand her mother’s pains, she exclaimed, can’t you talk to me for a lifetime? A word zhichuo mother heart, two hugs and cry.

However, God is fair, he closed a door for you, will open a window for you. YangPei eventually learned ten Wan embroidery embroidery, very skilled and flexible.

At the moment, Yang Peizuo shows a unique cross stitch in the middle of the stage, she split the line during the flexible, skilled movements make everyone a marvel. (wave) the teacher said humorously: “you use this technology by how many people?”

YangPei smiled, she said when she was in Cheap Road to set up a stall, a lot of people over the crowd.

Set up a stall in Cheap Road? Yes. Yang Pei said that she has been able to self-reliance, she is an ordinary girl, she is now a person living in Shanghai, every day in Cheap Road stall, cross stitch embroidery.

Speaking of his stall life, there is one thing, let YangPei unforgettable. The day of Shanghai, particularly cold, and Yang Pei only wore a pair of shorts, a kind aunt, passing by to see her, could not help crying, leaving two hundred dollars to her. In the side to visit the mother of all this in the eyes, she cried to Yang Pei said, go, we don’t sell. Back home, the mother can not attend to their own, immediately brought a pot of hot water, so that Yang Peitang hot feet.

I often think about the matter, YangPei is so sad. Their own hardships, kind-hearted people’s kindness, the warmth of maternal love, one by one in the heart, inspired her to be a strong girl.

On the stage, Yang Peishen said with emotion, she always believed in the existence of the fairy tale world, I believe that the dream has a pair of their own crystal shoes. Zhou Libo said to her, “you have made the misfortune of life into the spirit of Venus, and all the praise of the world is not for you.”

Yes, life is a dangerous situation will encounter, bear the upheaval and blow down and after bumpy, but as long as you meet the sun hot pillow of the heart has not yet gone, is one day out of the Yin of tyrants, unfortunately now what to complain, please look at the lost arms Yang Peijian Yi embroidered in my life the cross stitch, and always smiling, smiling.