Halloween is also called Halloween.

It is celebrated on the evening of October 31st.

That night, children would put on their make-up clothes, put on masks, and collect candy from door to door. Many activities will be held around the world to welcome this day.

When Halloween comes, if you’re a fan of NFL, don’t forget to take a tour of NFL Mall every day. Starting this week, NFL will be updating a new wave of merchandise every day.

Dear NFL players jerseys, from 16:00 p.m. on October 31, NFL will be updated again! This update will increase the sharing of new ticket functions and optimize the player experience.

The updated information is as follows


1, increase the function of sharing and sending tickets. After updating. Enter the “Everyday NFL jerseys” page and share the game room, lineup, reward or private room for players to participate.

2, other optimization and BUG repair

In addition, the mall will also update a big wave of products.

OK, let’s first introduce here. More details of the game also need you to experience it in person tomorrow.

Official official lint hat, let you through a handsome but not warm winter!

The official baseball cap will be sent to you to find new confidence.

The official nfl flat hat is brand new, so that your passers-by knows that NFL also has hip-hop fan!

The above items will be on the shelves one by one!