Cowboys boss Jones: the team hasn’t taken the lead in many years.

In Sunday night’s game, DeAndre Hopkins leaned on a 49ers yard catch to help the team lock in the victory. Jerry Jones said after the game that he hoped there would be a Hopkins-like top outsider.

Until this year, Cowboys fans were generally recognized as the number one outsiders (Dez Bryant jerseys), if he would like to return to the team, it is estimated that he can immediately assume important tasks. But Jones seems to have no idea.

Jones said, “the real number one pick up… It’s a player like (Julio Jones). In my opinion, every team has no real number one player. The number one player should be a player who can change his game on his own. We haven’t really taken the lead in many years. ”

Bryant averaged 91 passes in the 2012-2014 season, Dallas cowboys jerseys pushing 1311 yards to 13. But the data declined significantly in the last three years, which is probably in Jones’s “many years”. But after the absence of Dez, the cowboy’s foreign take power seems to go from bad to worse.