35 year old still sign four years old about

The NFL2017 regular season first round continues, eventually the Dallas Cowboys home court sits a 19:3 victory over the New York giants, made a good start at the same time, also swept away by the giant double haze last year.
If the Dallas cowboy is known as the “American team”, Jason Witten is the captain of the United States, the 37 year old will write his name into the club’s history today. Only 17 yards, he can break the cowboy legend in 90s (Michael Irvin) took over the outside of the ball 11904 yards record, become the new cowboys mawang.

The first wave of offensive cowboys, Jason finished the ball 7 yards forward witten. The historic moment appears at the start of the two quarter and a half minutes, the Cowboys constantly back because of foul penalty yardage, with 2 stalls stand up 27 Witten distance, the ball 11 yards to help the Cowboys get a shooting position. After completing the catch, he officially surpassed Michael Erwin to become the first recipient of cowboy history to load the history of the team. Throughout the match, Jason Witten appeared on the key position, completed a total of 7 catches for 59 yards and 1 touchdowns to win, has become a hero.

Witten competition to celebrate the moment

The coach of the cowboys (Jason Garrett) was in the young Michael – alongside Erwin, in his view, great players have many similarities to “do you want to become the best player, and you must be willing to do anything, which become one of the best every day,” Garnett said. “I had a picture of Michael Erwin in the training camp photos, the late every day is very hot, Erwin also wearing a vest, aggravated shoulder pads and helmets, run the line again and again.” Witten is the same, every day he would wear shoulder training at the training ground, very seriously.

This offseason, the cowboys and the 35 year old legendary captain contract for 4 years, which means that he will play for the team until 2021, when he was 39 year old means, this is not in the proximal front is rare. “The United States team” is a very human team, four years 29 million 600 thousand contract enough to Dallas Cowboys nfl jerseys free shipping explain everything, even the first league tight end G Ron koves Ki, in the reorganization of the contract after a year are up to get 10 million 750 thousand.

He became the first recipient of cowboy history, still aged four at the age of 35

Jason witten in jeans, just like J.J- watts in Dezhou, he is the symbol of the team signs to heavy “cowboy culture”. Played for the team for 14 years, he was propped up Toni Romo front barrier, dry is the cover, open and catch this dirty work. Quarterback Dakota – Prescott after the upper, he quickly stand out and produce chemical reaction, as the saying goes, “the family has an old, if there is a treasure,” how can such a veteran do not love?
Jason Witten admits that he can break the record is not important, is the key to win. Today is double happiness, the 35 year old will continue to take small Cowboys sail, sail!

Is Cleveland poisonous?

Another champion injured, fear repeat the mistakes of previous generations

After Brown in the Cleveland team to pick the selection of Meyers Gareth, all of the young red military team Cleveland Brown as Savior, that Gareth would become a member of the future Hall of fame, his jersey retired in Cleveland, but the dream is always beautiful, the reality is always cruel, people look forward to Meyers Gareth could stand on the pitch with the North Midland wantonly kill the opponent, but the new season opener, Meyers Gareth still do not go on the pitch, he was very embarrassed because of an ankle injury missed the match, which will be Dallas Cowboys nfl jerseys on sale held on the horizon of all previous Gareth words are temporarily unable to set up 2017 the best defensive player in the Steelers after the match against Brown formally attributable to TJ- Watt.

TJ- looked at Watt in the game to complete 2 sacks 1 steals this terrible performance, whether Gareth’s heart will be a little sad, after all, if Gareth can play, he must fight to compete with TJ- Watt, but now he is only in bed at TJ- Watt kill the Quartet, I hope Gareth will soon get rid of injuries, or think of Houston Dezhou once Zhuangyuanlang Jed viand – Klauni, he is because of injury reimbursement and crown smuggled goods title, until two years after the real proved himself, Gareth hope to prove yourself earlier.