In order to Do a supply 2016 wholesale encourage their nfl jerseys dream fish active amateur creation, I signed the QQ wrote this sentence: “in life if there is no dream, then what’s the difference with salted fish?” Many my friends “like”, a girl told me singing “anti”: the weak say, I feel very fish have dreams, or how you re energized?

Phrase dreamer awoke, the source of my back to their dream trip. At the age of 19, I came to work in Xiamen high school on the site, day in and day out’s hard work I have worn, almost no edges and dreams, often tired lying to bed, always think: my life is just like this, no qualifications, no background, introverted…… Some people say that “it will have its day begging” (that is, beggars are one day, I looked at the low rise head and shoulders above others) shed, but don’t seem to see the light ahead.

One day, I in the Xiamen night market bookstalls Amoy to a writing book, treasure. After work is like hunger and thirst to reading. After the second world class, ready to “re appointment” jerseys direct supply in the book of travel. At the end of rummage for quite a while, but did not find the beloved writing guide. And I live to see my master said: don’t carry off all that one has found that, the book is hidden by me. So diligent, already on the University, and now also used to work here?! At work, make money! Because he is an elder, and my master, so earnestly, I can only worry about the side of live frugally bought the fate of the book, and ask yourself, is it really like the master said, I like the fish, the original is not the “heart”?

May be due to the persistence of a dream, and perhaps young rebel psychology, I still insist on reading and writing their own, just more time to underground, such as near the site of the street or in the park on the square of the night, I look for the light and secretly hides a pen and paper or Street Amoy book, to read and write. Half a year later, I insist on a small harvest, when the news that the article was published, I was ecstatic, even if it is just a piece of tofu – a brief message.

However, my enthusiasm for literature often suffers from embarrassment. Once, I have my own article magazine newspaper to take the workers to see, want to share this joy. A few days after the return to the paper, just know that it is already the workers when the toilet paper; another, an enthusiastic worker to help me “show” we have my prose writing “the Yellow River literature”, the results of this magazine was the workers “looting” to a few days of circulation, the I returned to the hands of the journals have been destroyed completely…… At that time I was distressed and helpless, had to smile, it is no wonder that these workers, the rough life so that they attend these details, and I can only insist on his own “offbeat” literature to their warm, let the spirit is no longer barren.

Maybe I’m a snail’s hard to finally have the opportunity to come, in the summer of 2005, I was a simple wooden ladder perspiration comes down like raindrops installed above the ceiling, received a call from a middle school teacher’s phone, asked me if I was interested to the development of Beijing, although at that time also did not know that “planning” is what to do, just heard that you can use a computer, the text is also engaged in the related work, I was excited.

From the south to the north, all the way up to the present, I have been transferred from a junior copywriter to marketing director, amateur still insist on writing, has set out his own prose collection, “the river is drifting youth”…… Although writing is not the primary needs of living, but I still told myself not to forget every hard day, Thanksgiving writing.

Work, the Beijing Railway Station in the window overlooking the streams of people busily coming and going stream of people, I always have some feelings, sometimes, I think that the origin of a “fish” – said that the previous Hongkong is fishing, fishermen fishing without what advanced equipment, no ice, there will be no ice fish. But the fishermen to fish, so they will put the fish catch up with a lot of salt, do not let the fish. When the fishermen returned to Hong Kong, the fish had been salted for a long time, just like a mummy. If the fishermen when jerseys factory supply picking up these fish, suddenly discovered that one is alive, but also jumped up, people call this “revived”, the strong vitality of “fish” are often endowed with beautiful symbol sign, meaning the life will be 360 degree turn.

Yes, fish can also have a dream! Do a dream fish, even when you feel exhausted helpless and hopeless life, please don’t give yourself! As long as there is a dream, we must be brave to chase. In fact, most of the time, the success also need to “The path winds along mountain ridges.” to “There is a way out”.