A young man Do the buffalo bills jerseys came to the store to buy for infants best of others a bowl, he picked up a bowl, and then gently hitting the bowl with the other, touching issue as soon as dull, muddy sound between the bowl and the bowl, he shook his head in disappointment. Then try the next bowl…… He almost picked up all the shops in the bowl, and did not have a satisfactory, even the boss holding out from the store is considered to have been in the bowl of his head was disappointed to put back.

The boss was very puzzled, he always asked. In the bowl to touch another bowl is what mean?

He proudly told the boss, this is an old man told him to pick the bowl of the trick, when a bowl and another bowl gently collide, issued a crisp, melodious sound, it must be a bowl.

The boss see light suddenly, picked up a bowl for him, smiled and said: “boy, you take the bowl to try, you can keep pick their favorite bowl”.

He did half believe and half doubt. Strange! He is holding a bowl in gently collision tinkling sound, he did not know how it happened, said the details.

The boss smiled and said, the reason is very simple, you just try the bowl bowl itself is a defective product, you use it to test the voice inevitably muddy bowl, you want a bowl, first of all to ensure that only himself also had to bowl……

Like a bowl and the collision of the other bowl, a heart and another heart jerseys direct supply collision need to pay in good faith in order to produce a crisp sound. Oneself with suspicion, and even alert the heart to get along with people, will inevitably be suspicion and doubt.

In fact, everyone may become his life in the “noble”, a prerequisite is that you should be kind.

You pay a sincere will get the corresponding trust, you give love will be respected.

On the other hand, you have the hypocrisy of others, suspicion and even hate, others can only give you a thick wall and a cold heart.

Everyone’s life has a bowl, bowl filled with kindness, trust, tolerance, sincere, also filled with hypocrisy, selfish, narrow-minded, jealous…… Please remove impurities in the bowl, then smile to greet another bowl of collision, and send you crisp, hearty laughter!

To do their best, in order to collide with the best people!

Later, he painted for the church. Because of low pay, he could not afford to rent studio, had to borrow an abandoned garage. One day, tired of the painter saw a pair of little sparkling eyes in the dim light, is a little mouse. He looked at it with a smile, and it slipped like a shadow. Then the little mouse appeared again and again. He never hurt it, not even a scare. He did a lot of sports on the floor, performed acrobatics, and he gave it a crumb of bread. Gradually, they trusted each other and established friendship with each other.

Soon, the young painter was introduced to Hollywood to making a movie with animal cartoons. It was a rare opportunity, but he failed again.

In the dark, he pondered jerseys from china his way, and even began to doubt his talent. At that moment, he suddenly remembered the little mouse in the garage, inspired in the dark, a light flashed. He quickly drew the outline of a mouse.

The greatest cartoon ever — Mickey Mouse was born, Walt Disney is so well-known in the world. Exploration, innovation has changed the whole world, so we say that human progress, if there is no innovation, we are at best just monkeys! Scientific discovery, human progress, exploration from the human sacrifice. The driving force of progress is the result of innovation.

Life motto:

Only those who transcend themselves will create one after another. Every success is a new beginning.