Everyone has their Do your black cardinals own different jerseys for sale own CEO life, we own the world of the king, the life of others do not represent himself, as long as we try to live out their own route, not what can not be without what impossible. My life in my hands!

The world is a big stage, in which each of us plays a small role, scene plot gradually staged. Some people play beautiful protagonist, all the lights are focused on him, to accept everyone into eyes. Some people play a supporting role, lonely walk in a small corner, not known. But that doesn’t prevent it from a wonderful drama, because everyone is trying to play their life.

Brought up in the urban jungle of Hongkong, Hongkong people living too fast, imperceptibly to generate multiple pressure on yourself, live every day in the pressure really very uncomfortable, before the people of Hongkong in a poor environment of life, constantly for tomorrow’s life and struggle, struggle to survive, look at my life today, has been found and when the living environment is far from Hongkong, people’s material life really has a lot of progress than before. But on the other hand, while the material civilization strides forward, does spiritual civilization progress at the same time?

In the eyes of friends and relatives, my childhood has not on the right track, not by conventional, not live in the way they think. However, I never deliberately deviated cheap jerseys online from the track, just walk at a junction inadvertently turn a bend. () so I suddenly stray. However, this road is difficult to imagine without others, but with them a little different.

In the years before choosing to go to Guangzhou to study at the time, was someone with special respect a person to Guangzhou, the family feel too dangerous, family worry everything is normal thing, I came to Guangzhou I really didn’t feel yourself and others is not the same, and later fell in love with life in Guangzhou, fell in love with everything in Guangzhou all.

Man is a habitual animal, accustomed to such a model, will not think that life is like this. Naturally also feel that other people also like this. I don’t really care if my “different” is not understood.

While studying in Guangzhou met a group of good classmates and good friends to contact with Taobao, in the back of Guangzhou still did not keep this good work and soon has opened a Taobao shop, but battled a year finally in various pressure Xiaguan, but it was in my unyielding character to buy domain name and space, Taobao built a rebate rebate program, embarked on the webmaster this bitter life, do the webmaster after jerseys different color sleepless do website promotion work, there were no friends in Hongkong support for half a year, the rebate network business is very small, I think only willing to pay a certain in return, pays off at Facebook to find several Taobao purchasing companies in Hongkong cooperation support, since the continued increase in the amount of rebate network business. I often say to others: “as long as I believe I can do it, I will do it. Others say they can not, does not mean I really can not, but that person has no confidence in me!”

Unfortunately, one day received good times don’t last long, Taobao email request rebate network filing to me to continue to cooperate, but my domain name in Hongkong to buy the certificate is in Hongkong, how to record it? Looking for the record, there are a lot of people I can help for the record, but to avoid cheated has declined, the rebate network disappeared from some.

I really love jerseys different size to do, Li Ming blog was born, in order to support my friends to do Taobao and rebate network, famous sale network with on-line, we hope you continue to support Li Ming, thank you!

Li Ming will stick to it, use action to others think impossible, use action to let oneself step by step to the life of the right track, let oneself become their own life only CEO.