33 years old Do your buffalo, the fate of Amu and played bills nfl jerseys sunshine a big joke. He went to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment of knee joint pain, unfortunately, was diagnosed with malignant middle osteoma. The doctor said that the best solution is to amputate, if conservative treatment, it is difficult to ensure that cancer cells do not spread. Amu calm down, suffering from amputation surgery.

Amu is disabled, so that the original poor family even worse. He is unable to do farm work, the original woodwork survival also gradually abandoned, because of his mobility, countryside eight neighbor who never asked him to come and beat the furniture.

What should I do? Where is the future? Looking at the empty left leg, Amu is desperate to jump into the river in front of it……

One day, 7 year old daughter, Shanshan pestering Amu said want to learn the keyboard. Shanshan childhood love of singing, high music talent, the neighbors said Shanshan song to Amu to develop Shanshan, Shanshan to future singer.

Amu put Shanshan bosom, said you wait, Abba must buy electronic keyboard back to jerseys at best discount let you learn. Amu on crutches to borrow money from relatives, relatives can be said, you are not on the mouth to eat fast food, children also learn what flower? It’s unrealistic. Don’t dream. Amu did not speak a moment out of turn, cut feet did not shed a tear for him, her eyes filled with tears.

Amu and sleepless night. The second day, he left a letter to his wife, said something to go out for a few days, let his wife do not worry.

Originally, he thought before to a family playing cabinet, the work in the county’s son came back and said, the city is especially fond of rural backyard chicken, often asked him to buy chicken. This information inspired Amu, Amu ready to go to the county agricultural wholesale market research. He dared to think, as long as there is demand, even a small amount of demand, is worth a try free range chicken this road.

Amu was on crutches a stores run by many dealers cold, people do not believe that Amu has the ability to keep a good chicken, would bother him. Amu gas is not hungry, second days, third days to negotiate them. His real sincerity finally moved a dealer, he approached Amu, and told Amu, currently on the market of chicken in short supply, there is a big space for raising the absolute. Finally, dealers actually take the initiative to sign with him, say you raised chicken quality good enough, how much I wanted.

Amu confidence increased, the market has a guarantee, no matter how hard to eat are afraid! Amu and his wife from the beginning of the small scale farming, to drive the whole village common culture, set up a branch to raise household unified purchasing cooperatives mode, gradually expand the scale of farming. Amu always put the chicken quality in the first place, “pure stocking, pure cereals bran fed” cooperatives permanent business philosophy. Every day Amu was on crutches regularly from time to time to check the growth of the stocking area in every household in the chicken.

A few years later, Amu became cheap authentic nhl jerseys famous in several counties, near the famous chicken breeding and large suppliers, for he supply dealers in a continuous line. Next, he was ready to expand the scale of farming in neighboring villages.

Amu not only their own rich, but also led the villagers to get rich together towards a well-off life. It is not difficult to imagine, behind the success of Amu, I do not know how much effort and hard to pay more than ordinary people. With wisdom and determination, Amu conquered everyone with his determination. The dealer then said he had firm and indomitable spirit moved me, he can do things, Ganpin daring. So, I would like to help him.

Some people say that Amu’s life is good, life has been honored to help. Amu’s eyes, he lit a cigarette, nodded and said, yes, this way, he did a lot of elegant. However, the most important and elegant is yourself, because life has taught himself: any time, do not give up, not to let others despise myself.