The Miami dolphins this season will be troubled by their worst offensive line, Sunday’s game they first left Jiefeng due to injury sidelined, lead to such a situation continues.

Le Ruimi – Hill rookie should have second starts left Jiefeng this position, but there is competition in less than 90 minutes before the start, the team announced an ankle injury sidelined Hill wayne.

He started out as a warm-up when he hurt his ankle, but later broke the news that he was in the hotel shower when he slipped and hurt himself.

It is reported that in the field of ternay Hill’s ankle swelling is like nfl jerseys china, although the team has not given specific injuries, but apparently the dolphins offensive line once again hit.

I can listen to you, but not too long; I can give a hand towel, and even help you wipe the tears, but will not let you cry, I can read you a murky sky over a dark earth; wet writing, but too much, I will be tired, will give up.

All your pain, all the hurt, won’t take my heart. I just want to tell you: put down once, the day is new, every day the sun is new. Your past, I did not participate in, nor to accompany you to look back, but the next day, I can pull you, and you go, whether it is bitter, or music.

Don’t blame me, there is a kind of love, called cool. There is a kind of view, called: rational love most can rely on! Xiao Bian had to say that the NFL player is now more and more injured, and this is what the day ah? One after another to get hurt?