New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram (22) stiff arms Miami Dolphins linebacker Lawrence Timmons (94) during the second half of an NFL football game.

Speechless with the offensive team

For third weeks, to the “weakest alliance New York jets” Miami dolphins humiliating loss, coach Adam Hess after the game said he has endured be furious, this group of “junk” offensive player for two years, can not stand. And last night, the London Games, the dolphins again in a very shame 0:20 defeat to the New Orleans saints, saints was such an alliance three flow defense group a shaved head, Adam Hess after the game has become the focus of the reporters make groundless accusations we have guessed the Gus, will use the new words to describe what the offensive group.

“Now is not the time to panic, we are worse than that, I want to make clear the offensive group what happened in the end, I was the only thing I’m concerned, some people in our team, I want to know why they were so struggling.” Although no Gus with what new words, but we can infer through his new speech he had on the offensive team Speechless, “worse” than it is worse than what? Is it the way to lose, lose, or Garbage?

The dolphins jerseys cheap offensive group show the content of suffocating, when the first wave of attack Jay Cutler 6 pass 6 in advance to the time before the end, we seem to be still for his performance and applauded, but then Cutler steals a team to let all the people only see light suddenly cast to waste, Cutler or the original. Familiar with the Cutler, heaven and earth are the only one Cutler from ancient to modern times. Of course, Cutler is not a person to play bad, is the offensive team all defensive group will rush back to when the ball, the offensive team immediately out then the ball thrown away.

Surprisingly, the dolphin team did not take full advantage of the London’s loudest running Jay jay. Of course, even if Ajay rushed out of a good jerseys number, he was immediately fouled by the attacking forward, and in the first half the powerful run went just 38 yards. When faced with 1 4 yard touchdown, Gus chose Damian – Williams and Kenyon – Derek pulled open, near end Julius Thomas with small, the result was stole. But in the second half dolphin team behind the score of two digits, Jay acay completely forgotten at Wembley at sunset.

If Adam Gass is angry about the attack last week in London this week, that he is helpless, without want, two games against the League three defense group scored 6 points, Gass said last week there may be some changes this week, but we do not see, maybe it is time for Gass to sit in the bench to rethink the offseason Jay Cutler introduced this strategy, consider Matt Moore on the ride.