Silence for a long time old classmate yesterday WeChat group Don’t accept barrie colts game worn jerseys suddenly raged, not because someone made a large red, who is not ready to get married and broke the news, but some people ask, “now confused how to do?”After the news came out, almost ten thousand years of diving party have come out to speak. Some people say that when you are confused the same period of confusion, not satisfied with their current living conditions, but do not know how to do. Some people say that these are not confused way, life is struggling to pursue, does not exist in the poetry and distance, can not lost.

Only the big Lin said, “confusion, can become the best appreciation period.”

Five years after graduation is opened between the students life quality barrie colts game worn jerseys for five years, some people live fast, clear goals, step by step sound towards the pinnacle of life; some people are stuck in the distance, said of an aged person, struggling, is the real skinny Luo was hurt, only more confused, even doubt myself.

Big woods used to be the bottom of the market sales, the economic crisis, she barrie colts game worn jerseys bears the brunt of the first batch to become a member of the army of the unemployed. “At that time there was nothing but confusion. There is no strong professional skills, not the elite background, work experience in the three line of the plain, in the core competitiveness of the talent market, they can not find their own location.”

The gap holding a thick stack of resumes in the recruitment market squeeze in three baby cleveland browns jerseys barrie colts game worn jerseys days, by various low high school size company rejected numerous times, resume were thrown on the ground to pick up and then wipe a consulting. Covered with smoke, dust and sweat smell and the disappointment of tired hard taste, dalinzi stared at the traffic bills hydropower three days sitting in the rental house. After such a house, for a mobile phone number, to whose name I don’t listen to the small place that start with the volunteers hostel inn.

Back in 18 months after the big woods, still holding the resume in the talent market barrie colts game worn jerseys slot crowding. But in addition to looking for work, she went home every day is no longer just staring at the computer and the purpose of the brush micro-blog, look at the post, but the start of a hand drawn division, hand drawn postcards, with the stroke of the little bit of life.

“In the Hostel Inn in a year and a half, while working side and my boss Mourinho brother barrie colts game worn jerseys learning hand-painted. Don’t know what you can do, not the strong technology, simple work and disdain. Volunteer at the inn, with free time as extras, selling souvenirs too, and also take care of the boss micro shop, until one day he saw my brother painted books that I could turn to the painting, becoming the second occupation. At that time, anyway, nothing to do, do not know now that they can do what they try, learn many things and he concentrated.”

Now the big woods in a small company doing not essential grassroots sales, but her Postcard online but get a lot of attention, one after another received appointment work information.

“Look back 18 months their most cornered just know, don’t know what you can do in the confusion, in fact is true when you try to get rid of the shackles, the life and work of the different. Because of confusion so fearless, because there is nothing so to be able to start from scratch. Only their own value can be found.” Big woods still living in rented rooms, every day still catch a morning rush hour subway, but she was talking with a confident smile from the heart but not much, if any.

Confusion is sometimes a change of the prophet, when we first began to doubt their own living barrie colts game worn jerseys conditions, the subconscious mind will want to change.

Liu Tong said, “whose youth is not lost”, but still lost youth. Life is the same, confusion, fear and waves do not panic, cansheng; life ups and downs, confused, worried about a busy life, never stop.

But lost at the same time, most people are afraid to take the first step, the future of the barrie colts game worn jerseys fetters of miscellaneous trifles, misty shadowless, like the mist block in front of us, tied with eager hands.

We don’t know what to do when we break the inertia, like what to do, why don’t we want to barrie colts game worn jerseys change the heart to try everything we can do at present. Because of confusion, because of uncertainty, only to have the opportunity to find more likely, will be found in which belongs to the heart of the desire of the faint light.

Dalinzi if not because of unemployment, she will not be confused at a loss, do not know his brother, a volunteer, she once won’t try to own unexpected work, never recorded by hand account, but would not have today’s hand-painted Alin division. Just as single can be changed before the life of the same pattern, confusion is barrie colts game worn jerseys also the beginning of change.

Confusion in addition to the helpless to bring the blank period, but also provides a quiet mind to think of the charging time.

With Shi Jian today, hang six of India’s Zhang Yi, in the first several princes refused to barrie colts game worn jerseys panic, home by fellow pointing by parents and brothers sit opposite, is he not disappointed with myself, confused about the future yet; he doesn’t like his contemporaries guarding the progenitor field, hold life comfort wife Johnson? However, Yi Zhang chose to continue to devote themselves to learning as a warning for the future of the strategy of operation. History does not record suffering and confusion in his heart during the study, but we think, when their careers fail, job hopeless, can put down the heart of despair and impatience