The network spread Don’t be cheap of such a text: 18 year nike nfl jerseys scared old university, asked what is your ideal, you said around the world; 22 years after college, you said that after looking for a job again; 26 years of stable work, said that after you buy the house again; at the age of 30 have a house and a car that you married. Take the wife go; 35 years old have a child, you said a little child to 40 years old; the children, you said a good old man again, finally, you did not go to success.

In life, we are always easy to think of the unknown things very difficult, to get stuck. Once upon a time, I was stuck in my mind many times. Now look back, always feel that there is no basis for fear, there is no need.

The first online shopping, I think that online shopping is very dangerous, if not cheap authentic nhl jerseys met “if”, “if the other received payment refused to send goods to me, or improper suckers?” “In case of defective goods, the other refused to let me return how to do?” “If the other party is a fraud group, then my personal data will not leak?” So there is no attempt to. But later found that the Internet to buy things much easier than shopping, so they began to get used to another entity outside the purchase, but do not have to feel good to go out.

The first time to travel abroad, travel abroad is very difficult, not only unfamiliar, but believe that must have the degree to ask jerseys at best discount answer fluently in english. So just start just want to be a copycat, followed a friend arranged trip away, when a tourist tourists.

“If lost, will not sleep on the street?” “If people don’t understand the way I do? Miss the train is not always back to the country?” Later I found that difficult to travel abroad is not as good as others said, began to travel the world to travel the way, has five continents in disorderly fashion if it is not, the first step, also won’t have so many unforgettable experience.

So the actual situation is always different from the dream before trial. During the speech, I was often asked the same question: if you travel abroad or travel alone, what happens? I like this answer: “why to 1/10000, and give up the 9999/10000? If you do a good job in the prevention of the preparation of 1/10000, do not have to give up the original great life experience?”

If the probability of crossing the road traffic accident supply replica nhl jerseys is 1/10000, is not going to 1/10000 dangerous, but not every day to go out at home? Or before crossing the road to pay attention to stop watching? If I choose the safest way, not to leave your comfort zone, do not travel, see the world, may be to today, I still think English speaking foreigners blond.

With “fear”, as do 1/10000 to 9999/10000 to enjoy the fun, I hope that someday, when I’m too old to walk, looking at the world is full of memories, said to myself: “ok! Have been to the young.” Instead of complaining, “why didn’t I go there?”