Today, we continue to introduce nfl jerseys china everyone to participate in this year’s NFL draft rookie. This brings us to the near front position. With running back and wide receiver, proximal front has a galaxy of talents of this year, there are several high potential rookie, let’s take a look.

1 OJ- Howard (OJ Howard), University of Alabama

Height 198 cm, weight of 113 kg, 40 yards sprint: 4.65 seconds

Abstract: in the cosmos in Alabama, Howard has played four years rotation force, in the past two years, Alabama scored consecutive national finals, Howard also started the team in all 30 matches in the 2016 season, 45 catches for 595 yards and 3 touchdowns. On the body, exercise capacity and ability to catch these aspects, Howard is the current tight ends in the most comprehensive, the last two years covering power has increased, he is considered after entering into the NFL will soon become the main.

In the last year, we put out over the skills required for the “anti marking ability, ball size, ability and occupation accomplishment” these four aspects. Now it is the turn of the near front, we are in addition to these four plus a cover ability a total of five skills. For Howard, his sense of the ball and the number of ability is very good, and the hand arm length range, capable of running in the eye, the very nature of the ball, physical

coordination is also very good; for the proximal front, his speed is superb, whether the ball before or after the ball, he can provide a great threat, a large number of wonderful ball codes in the two national finals. Howard’s ability to open up the last two years of progress, he is now cheap nfl jerseys china more than a weight gain of about 20 kg, so the power has been improved. Although the cover technology also needs to be strengthened, but now has been able to play very effective. In addition, he is also very concentrated in the crowd, get the ball after the collision with the opponent. So in the cover and professionalism of these two aspects, we can call him “good”. Finally is the anti marking ability, but also his weakness. In general, his ability to run the route has yet to be improved, the lack of stability in the face of regional defense, but in general, most of the time or find the ball.

Summary score:
Anti marking ability: medium; ball: excellent; size: excellent ability; occupation accomplishment: good ability: good cover;
Draft picks: Buffalo 10 Bill, number 12, Cleveland Brown, and even the number 6 New York jet

2 David Njoku (David Njoku), University of Miami (Florida)
Height 193 cm, weight of 112 kg, 40 yards sprint: 4.55 seconds
Introduction as the current two near the front, the type of library can be said to differ greatly from Howard. Howard played four years of rotation of the main, and the grace of the red shirt for a year, only two years to play the official game announced the draft. However, he has never been absent for two years. He had 43 times to catch the ball for 698 yards last season at the age of 8. So it is clear that although the library is very gifted, but still lack of experience.

Anti Howard mark at least, is well djoku strengths. Njoku now has a very high level running routes, deal with defense and regional defense are very learned, can easily find a space. Njoku faster than Howard, so the size ability is not to say, before the ball speed and acceleration is amazing, the ball running ability is also excellent, physically strong, dare to crash, but in the attention of heap people may not concentrate. He also like Howard hand arm length, a wide range, also jump competition ability, just catching stability too high, sell phenomenon. Cover capacity is his relative weakness, if you want to raise the level of fear may need to gain weight.

Summary score:
Anti marking ability: excellent sense of ball; medium; size: excellent china jerseys ability; good occupation accomplishment: cover ability: medium;
Draft forecast: No. 13 or No. 19 Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay buccaneers.