Mike Williams


Draft is getting closer nfl cheap jerseys and closer, today we continue to accept everyone in the current draft of the outstanding players. This is brought about by the receivers, including two in NFL is expected to become the number one pick big players in the team, and that broke the record of 40 yards sprint test the speed of the madman. Let’s have a look.

Mike – (Mike Williams), Clemson University

Height 190 cm, weight of 102 kg, 40 yards sprint for 4.40 seconds

Brief introduction: the last introduced when it comes to running back, Laiaonade – Faure Nate is arguably the first running back. Outside the take over can be different, whether it is Williams, or the following introduction of Davies and Ross, some people support this is the first, here on the first row in front of the Williams. He took out the prestigious Clemson University, in recent years has been de Andrea – Hopki, ma – Bryant and Sami – Watkins taves three star NFL. In the 2014 season, Williams in 12 games to get 57 ball 1030 yards and 6 touchdowns, average per catch can get 18.1 yards, then he looked at the end of the 2015 season ahead of landing NFL, inherited several predecessors is that That’s final. mantle. Unfortunately, Williams in the 2015 season opener, when a touchdown hit the goal post, suffered a severe neck injury, looking very scary scene. Fortunately, the 2016 season, he fully recovered, and quickly recovered the state, the 15 game of the 98 catch up to 1361 yards, the data is still very exciting. Williams is a tall type, very good sense of the ball, speed in his body is also very good.
Williams is the greatest strength of the ball, his height and arm length, a large area, with the other defensive players to compete for the ball when the very dominant, in the University of the three season has taken all kinds of difficult problems in this area without the ball, get rid of rate is the lowest level in the world. In the anti mark, he is very good at catching the ball will find space in the pass before the last minute, just against the oppression of man is not very stable performance. His number is also good, strong ability in the profound run route, after the ball can also cause defenders outsmarted, or with a defensive player to rush forward, just can’t deal with second rushing defensive player. He also has a big heart, dare to catch in the crowd, dare to race at the critical moment the ball, just cover for his size and ability to be on a high level over. The ability to protect the ball, 177 times after the ball hit the ball 2 times.

In general, Williams’s ball is perfect, several other aspects (anti marking, code number and occupation accomplishment) is still not perfect, but at the same time, or in the NCAA external hands, is already high level.
Draft forecast: ninth, Cincinnati tigers, or the number of Tennessee, the titans of the Titans (the two most out of the team)
Cory – (Corey Davis), Western Michigan University
Height 190 cm, weight of 96 kg, 40 yards sprint for 4.45 seconds

Introduction: as mentioned above, the strength of Davies with Williams nanfenbozhong, is also considered to become the first selected to go abroad to take over. Although the United States and China (MAC), which is relatively low in competitiveness, Davies’s performance is not worse than that of Mr Williams. He also cheap jerseys nfl played the star in the 2014 season, the 78 catch to get the 1408 yards up to 15, in the same period in the same level in the 2015 season. Just the end of the 2016 season, as a third year student Davies performance and improve a grade, the time to catch the 1500 yards up to the same time up to 19 up to 97. In fact, his 5285 – year career in college has broken the record of college football (which, of course, has been associated with a number of foreign players who have not played in the draft for over four years). Davies, like Williams, is a tall man with the potential to become the number one player in a team.

But unlike Williams, Davies’s greatest strengths from his anti marking ability. Is not the first to take over the outside of the controversy, but to say that he is the strongest player in the current route, I am afraid no one can refute. His speed, speed and ability to change into a first-class, but also good at using the hands of the action for their own fight to catch the ball. On the contrary, Williams’s greatest strengths, the sense of the ball, is relatively weak aspects of Davies. He can catch the ball closely guarding, but when the ball came too fast when he is not ready, it is need to focus more attention. In the same time with the defensive players to take off the ball is also difficult to stabilize performance. A large number of code ability and occupation accomplishment is good, have enough speed to run long, but the ability to view or dodge ball after the defensive player of the general. He also dare to catch the ball in the crowd, cover the ability to be regarded as superior.

If Williams is the best player in the game, Davies is the best player on the line. In the large nfl code capacity and professionalism, the two comparable. This year it is expected that the first to take over the tigers need to be carefully considered.

Draft forecast: ninth, the Cincinnati tigers, or the number of Tennessee, the titans of (and Williams same, basically the tigers chose one of them, the Titans will choose another)