Friends said, when he each flower has nike nfl jerseys was a child, he free shipping its own season dreamed of becoming a painter, as soon as he began to paint free. Seeing that he was so obsessed with painting, his father took him to visit an old painter. The old artist looked at his picture and asked, “why do you want to learn to draw, my child?”

“I want to be a painter.” He said.

“But not everyone who learns to draw can end up as a painter.” The old artist said to him, “do you feel happy when you are drawing a picture?”

“Happy.” He answered.

“It’s enough to be happy!” The old artist said, “because happiness is the flower of life, happiness is the most beautiful picture of life.”

The old painter also told him that the world has two kinds of flowers, a flower can result, a flower cannot result, but not the flowers are more beautiful, like roses, such as tulips, they never give up because they cannot result, their happiness and beautiful blooming. People are like flowers, there is a kind of people can be the result of a career, and there is a person can not be the result of a lifetime of nothing, just an ordinary person. But ordinary people as long as there is joy in the heart, there is laughter on the face, can still be like roses and tulips, as people appreciate and praise. Before leaving, the old painter patted him on the shoulder, encouraged him to say: “the child, to be a happy person!”

Now, friends still maintain the habit of painting, but the purpose cheap nfl jerseys is not to become a painter, but in the process of painting to appreciate and enjoy the joy of life. As the old painter said, there is enough happiness, because happiness is the flower of life, happiness is the most beautiful picture of life.

One of my friends told me from the chronicle, he knew he was an awkward child. My mother often tells him: each flower has open up the opportunity to have their own youth, those who are not open, not only to their flowering season, but at this time, need to absorb nutrients and sunlight, save enough energy, patiently waiting for their own each season arrives; everyone is a flower, have open season, have a chance of success, has not come in the opportunity, also like flowers, learn more knowledge, accumulate more life wisdom, such as their own season arrives, naturally will bloom a beautiful flower of life.

As a student, a friend because he was stupid, and behavior naive, became the object of ridicule classmates. After entering the society of friends who looks charmingly full and difficult to find a job.

But a friend did not give up on themselves, he always remember his mother’s words, I believe everyone is a flower, everyone has their own youth, there is no chance to open, also have no chance of success, but not to their flowering season. In the face of others repeatedly taunts and blow in the face of life repeated setbacks and failures, he is not discouraged, do not give up, do not despair, he worked constantly, constantly enterprising, hard work pays off, a crew director in a chance to see his naive performance after admission he. Later, he became a famous comedian, became a “flower””.

Everyone is a flower, has its own open season, some open early, some open late, some open in spring and summer, some open in the autumn, when not open, you need to do, is to wait patiently to save the nourishment of life.

Life is a flower, not nfl jerseys free shipping every flower, but every flower has its own most beautiful season.

Kentucky Fried Chicken 40 years old to start a business, only to sell the first franchise at the age of 62, after the company sold the name of the age of 75. It took him 52 years to “succeed”, and before it all failed”. Kentucky Fried Chicken’s entrepreneurial road with many small business owners almost, an idea after another struggle, until success. For KFC Grandpa, do not give up, work hard, always believe that success in the corner waiting for yourself is the key to success.

“Do your best. Only in this way can you get a sense of achievement.” Sanders KFC grandpa

People remember that he worked tirelessly. His granddaughter, Josephine, said, “he never gives up, never gives up on anything.” She said, “I don’t believe in working for happiness. He thinks people should be working all the time.” Sanders’s daughter, Margaret, said his father had “great power to overcome all adversity in life.”

Sanders’s hard work continued into old age until his death, and he insisted on traveling 250 thousand miles a year to inspect different KFC stores to help promote KFC in the media. He lived to be 90 years old. He said: “the work, than what vitamins, nutrition can prolong life.”

I think, if a person can always have passion, very hard to do things, not afraid of failure, learn the lesson, then the probability of success should be improved a lot, right? Since people are 66 years old are not late, we are so afraid of young?