This season, Houston Dezhou announced that J.J. is in the lions away jerseys standby list w injury list, and announced the entire season of reimbursement! J.J. w has been fans, and dubbed the title, “Scud NFL contemporary stadium”. The reason is that the back injury failed to heal, must carry on the surgery treatment. In this article, we discuss about Watt this season after the reimbursement of all, perhaps, by the way the two talk about all the minor details.

Borrow a China quite famous saying: “perishing before victory, long the hero tearful.” This is the season for the fans of J.J. watt regret speech. And, of course, that’s true!

Justin James Watt, March 22, 1989 born in Wisconsin, Pewaukee, American occupation football player, played for the Dezhou team Secretary Houston, defensive end.

Watt in 2011, the first round of the NFL draft in the first round was selected by the Dezhou team eleventh. Watt is regarded as one of NFL’s most dominant player in NFL history is five years before the first career won three best defensive player award group (2012, 2014, 2015) of the players, is also the history of the NFL’s first career two season captured and killed more than 20 times the number of players.


Why did Watt get hurt? In September 1st this year, season 4, Dezhou people to challenge the cowboy, this is a season of no great importance on the sidelines, Watt touched his back, thinking: This is the last time on the sidelines watching his teammates fight, then I want to see. The Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys results of Watt’s lofty sentiments and aspirations insisted only three weeks, the first career because of injuries and missed the game, this one go, his figure is perhaps the 2017 season. The next time you see.

Dezhou people will be affected by a huge impact? Positive: Dezhou One divides into two., lost a defensive star, Watt did not fire, the other defender how to live? The sky is falling! Don’t live anymore! The opposite: a 50% state Watt on the court, tasteless gesture, finally have a reason to let him feel at ease. The court can also educate young people, so in the end what the impact is bigger? Personally believe that although Watt is not a hundred percent state, but the Dezhou people lose him, is a strategic big loss.

Watt after the injury could restore the peak? In fact, Watt’s injury is not a accident caused serious injuries, but every small back injury, was repeatedly failed to pass, until a catastrophe, check erroneous ideas at the outset, relatively speaking, such injuries as long as the rest of the peak didn’t recover properly, what big problem.

Finally, let’s come to wish J.J. w as soon as possible to recover, to reproduce the stadium!