NFL Thursday night

NFL Thursday night

As the night of the right to cheap jerseys china compete for the right to broadcast the network, the new season NFL in the United States, the distribution of the broadcast will also be identified, as follows:

Thursday night game (China time Friday morning): CBS and NBC each made 9 games, CBS and NBC each broadcast 5 games, and the rest in the 8 live at NFL Network. A total of 18 games, Amazon will broadcast live on the 10.

Sunday night (Monday morning, China): 17 weeks of Sunday night + season opener + Thanksgiving night, live exclusively by NBC;

Monday night (Tuesday, China): 17 games live exclusively by ESPN;

Two pm on Sunday (Chinese Monday morning): by CBS and Fawkes (Fox) equally, in general, CBS contracted united team away game, Fox contracted the NL team away game, but when there are individual situation of two TV exchange matches.

Playoffs: four wild card game by CBS, Fox, NBC and ESPN by planting a;

Four games in the field of NBC broadcast, and the remaining three games, the United States in the CBS broadcast, the United States in the Fox broadcast;

Another good news is defender Justin Schultz’s growth, in this season Schultz in 76 games scored 49 points, grow into one of the league’s best offensive guard, his defensive ability has been improved, this season, his positive and negative value of up to +26, in the absence of the Tang Le Schultz the penguins became the first defender, but performance has been excellent, he combined and Ian Kerr is the league’s best defenders in December when two players value together up to +51 in positive and negative in every game this season, Schultz and Kerr ice are in more than 20 minutes. Although Schultz Buehler in strong Tang better, but le Tang defensive ability and a tendon meat is Schultz do not have, but strong in the help of Kerr, the first defensive combination of duties Schultz Kerr can play a team in the playoffs. In addition to Schultz and Kerr, the other defenders will also be the key to the success of penguins. In the playoffs last season in the series against the Washington Capitals of the Tang people Lille was suspended for one game, the game features Daly as the first Reeve up guard duties, the game Daley played 28 minutes, Penguin 3-2 win over the people in the capital. So the penguins did not beat the capital, but it was just a game.

The United States and the United States in the final CBS broadcast, the National League final broadcast in Fox;

Super Bowl by CBS, Fox and NBC three rotation. The fifty-second season of the super bowl by NBC broadcast, the 2018 season of the broadcast by the CBS, the 2019 season of the fifty-fourth broadcast in Fox, and so on.

Although there is no Christopher – Le Tang, but the depth of the penguins’ defender is still cheap nfl jerseys very strong, so anyone who said that the problem is not the attention of the penguins Penguin news. As long as these defenders to play their strengths, with the league’s best goalkeeper Matt Mark – – Murray and Angdelie F. Leary, penguin’s defence is not to eat the cooked rice. This very deep defense plus ahead of Crosby, Malkin, Cassell and Xie Rui and other players. The league’s most luxurious attack line, and has a primary Nino, and the Kulun Hagelin defensive ability strong striker, Penguin defending champion chance when Le Tang although not so high, but and still possible.

NFL’s royalties are the most expensive of all entertainment programs in the United States, and the current contract is a 9 year extension in 2011. From 2014 to the season of, CBS, Fox, NBC, the three television stations to pay a total of about $3 billion 100 million a year (not including the previous Thursday night game). ESPN’s contract is signed separately, from the 2014 season to the season of 2021 to pay about $1 billion 900 million per year. The right to live on Thursday night games, NFL to take every year or two years to update the strategy is also very successful, every time the price is soaring. Today’s Thursday night contract is CBS and NBC each year to pay $225 million, plus just signed $50 million with amazon. In other words, NFL only in the United States each year, more than $5 billion in broadcast revenue. By contrast, the most expensive relay in the football league, the Premier League, receives about 3 billion pounds a year in the world, or about $4 billion. Visible, NFL is still worthy of the right to broadcast the mlb world’s most expensive mlb sports.