The American film Eight shop here to get star Stallone, a dozen years ago,cheap nfl jerseys road to success abnormal abjection, was only 100 dollars, even the house can not afford to rent, slept in the beetle, but he decided to become an actress, and very confident to New York film company.

At the time of the New York 500 film company, because of the flat appearance and pronunciation is not clear and refused him. Subsequently, he wrote “Rocky” script, and took the script to sell everywhere, to other people to accept his mockery and ridicule, he has rejected 1855 times.

Finally one day, he met a willing to take “Rocky” script of the film company boss, but the other was not his performance in the film, finally, at Stallone’s insistence that has been promised.

Can you face the 1855 refusal and never give up? Stallone can, he can’t do what others can do, so he can succeed.

Sentiment: you are not successful, or has failed, when they want to give up the dream, ask yourself, was rejected 1855 times?

Article two: the firm belief of inspirational stories

The thrilling story is this:

Robert and his wife, Marie, finally climbed to the top of the mountain. Standing on a hilltop overlooking the distant city of white buildings into a painting in the sun. Look up, blue jerseys top nfl quality sky and white clouds, the soft wind blowing. Two people happy like a child, dancing, forget. For laboring them, this is really a rare trip.

Tragedy is from this time. Robert kick caikong, tall body reeled and then slid to the abyss, is surrounded by steep hills, where there is no starting point. Just a moment, Marie knew what had happened, subconsciously, she snapped at her husband’s coat, when she was squatting on the ground shooting distant scenery. At the same time, she was also brought to the edge of the rock, in this critical moment, she hugged a tree.

Robert Marie hanging in the air, his teeth clenched, can you believe it? Two rows of white fine teeth bear the full weight of a tall body. They like a painting, framed between the blue sky and white clouds, the mountains steep stone. Marie’s hair is like a flag waving in the wind.

Marie couldn’t help crying, and an hour later, the tourists had saved them. And then Marie, beautiful red lips and teeth have been bright red. Someone asked how Marie is such a long time, Marie replied: “at that time, only one thought in my mind: I relent, Robert will surely die.”

A few days later, the story is like wings flying around the world.

Sentiment: people found that death is also afraid of teeth.

Article three: an inspirational story of

Kerr used to be a newspaper clerk. When he first came to the newspaper as an advertising salesman, he was very confident, he proposed to the manager not to pay, according to the advertising fee commission. The manager agreed to his request.

So he made a list of some of the most special clients. The salesman in the company thought it was impossible for them to cooperate with them.

Before visiting jerseys supply nfl center the customers, Kerr locked himself in the room, stood in front of the mirror, read the customer on the list 10 times, and then said to himself: “before this month, you will buy me an ad layout.”

He had the confidence to visit customers, the first day, he and 20 “impossible” customers in 3 deals in the first week; in a few days, he has traded the two transactions; by the end of the first month of the end of the month, 20 customers is not only a buy his advertising.

In second months, Kerr did not go to visit the new customer, every morning, it refused to buy his advertising customers shop opened the door, he went to please the businessman for advertising, and every morning, the businessman replied: “no!” Every time, when the businessman said “no”, Kerr pretended not to hear, and then went on to visit. To the last day of that month, Mike has even said the 30 days of “no” the businessman said: “you’ve wasted a month to request me to buy your advertisement, I want to know now is, why do you persist in doing so.”

Kerr said: “I did not waste time, I was in school, and you are my teacher, I have been training their own perseverance in the face of adversity.” The merchant nodded, and then Kerr said: “I have to admit to you, I also go to school, and you are my teacher. You have taught me to stick to this lesson, for me, it is more valuable than money, in order to express my gratitude to you, I would like to buy one of your advertising, as I pay your tuition.”

Sentiment: in the face of failure to have the spirit of perseverance, it is possible to achieve the ultimate success, in fact, we need to be in the face of difficulties in front of it.

Article four: inspirational story without despair

At the end of Ming Dynasty, the historian TanQian after 20 years of writing make painstaking efforts finally completed, Ming Dynasty Chronicles: “Guoque”. In the face of this part can be spread through the ages of the giant, but the joy of heart as can be imagined. However, he was not happy for a long time, an unexpected thing happened. One night, a thief stole into his home, see the walls, nothing to steal, that locked in in the “original” bamboo box Guoque is valuable.