Outside the hall of fame cheap jerseys took over the former cowboy member Michael – Erwin said recently that his successor – Ezekiel Elliot should understand that as a member of cowboy means what.



Erwin said Elliot must understand that when he became a star player after extra people will pay attention to him, so he can do some things (before March), the cowboy star is not mature, can not accept performance.
Erwin said before the media in Dallas: he is very young, I say that is not looking for an excuse for him. Young people like to have fun, but they have to realize that what they do will have a big impact. Ohio State University is great, but the Dallas cowboys are different. Everything you do, every word you say, will be widely disseminated, a story. And you need to stay away from the gossip.”

Erwin’s own career has been plagued by problems, some people may feel he is not qualified to criticize Elliot. But also because of this, Michael Elliot to better understand what they should do, Elliot needs to grow, Erwin just say this point.

Sun Daye: what was the most memorable game last season?

Yuan Junjie said the playoffs last game played in Ma Steel City, the team was losing a large margin, scored 8 goals, very uncomfortable.

But Sun Daye has joked that this season Maanshan City playoffs lost only one nfl cheap jerseys china game, is the face of Kunlun red star, Yuan Junjie scored a goal in the game, super star and Yuan Junjie can achieve such results is also worth praising.
Sun Daye asked: in the team and the older generation is how to communicate

Yuan Junjie said that by eating or eating, but the Finns and Russians, or because of the relationship between language, more or eat with their country people.

Packers near the front of the Bennet Jersey sales to raise school projects
The Green Bay Packers tight end, Matara – Bennet to prove his doubters on the pitch, especially in the last season to help the new England patriots won the Super Bowl victory, he chose to leave.

Recently, the packers in the front of the pro Feng wrote in his own, ready to own the future sales of all the Jersey donated to the project after school, but also his own in the operation of a project.
Bennet’s statement followed his brother, Michael, who announced that all of his new year’s security payments would be donated to charity in 2017, according to mr..
Michael Adams in Matara twitter after the reply, the two brothers who will continue to engage wholesale in and promote similar acts of kindness.
The Bennet brothers have always been generous and share their opinions, and they make good use of the platform.