Kuang AI Qun: enjoy football, regardless of sex!

My name is Kuang Aiqun. I am a senior in the School of Management of Beijing Sports University. I am also the manager of the Northern Sports Da Fan Storm Rugby Association.

The first time I met football jerseys online was in the summer of 2015. I went to the Olympic Sports Center to see the first game of my life. It was a tight and exciting game. Although it was the first time I saw it, I was deeply attracted by the rugby spirit and unpredictable tactics.

The new semester, I did not hesitate to join the North Atlanta Storm Rugby Association, our Rugby Club is the traditional strong team in the country. I am very excited to join the team and look forward to dedicating myself to the team.

However, because of their small stature, the girls are managers, responsible for the team’s non-rugby affairs, but every time I train the rain or shine. In the daily team training competition, I gradually understood the rules and tactics of rugby, and I also wanted to play basketball.

I had the courage to sign up for the 2016 NFL Waist Flag Rugby and the 8th University Bowl.

When warming up, it is the first time to stand on the playing field. However, when playing with teammates side by side, tension is filled with honor. I am in charge of the central defender and play every single goal for the quarterback. Although I didn’t reach the goal in the whole match, I enjoyed every moment on the court. Excitement! Excitement! Proud!

It helped me to build up confidence. In the 2016 zero bowl, I finally got the first interception. After a year’s hard work, I stood on the 2017 women’s team in the NFL China jerseys Flag Football Rugby Beijing division.

I am still a centre half, but I have an outside hand. In the game, cooperate with the quarterback tacitly, catch the short pass, nimbly evade the heavy blockade of the other side, rush through the half of the line! In the second half, I got a bigger score.

After the game, I ran around several times in excitement and kissed the stadium at my feet. After the game, some of the equipment teams stretched out olive branches to me, but due to academic conflict, they had to decline.

It has long been considered that football is a violent sport for men. But I want to tell you through my own experience that this is a sport for everyone, regardless of age, gender, as long as there is a love of sports heart, you can also stand like me on the field, and even with boys on the same stage!

In the future, I will continue to love rugby, and I hope more girls can take part in this sport.